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Kevin Cokley, Director 2109 San Jacinto Blvd (Bellmont Bldg. Rm 224), Mailcode E3600, Austin, TX 78705 •


1. Development of a permanent database on the demographic characteristics of the African American and other populations of color in Texas 1950-2010. Chunhui Ren, PhD, Project Manager, Jennifer Alexander, MA,Graduate Student.

2. Study of minimum wage policy and implications for women of color in Texas: Shetal Vohra-Gupta, PhD, Project Manager, Chunhui Ren, PhD.

3. National housing policy and the mentally ill: Celeste Henery, PhD, Project Manager, Hyejin Jung, MSW, Co-Project Manager.

4. Central State Hospital Archives Preservation Project: King Davis, PhD, Project Manager, Lorrie Dong, MA, Graduate Student.

5. HIV Policy in Texas, Kathryn Freeman, JD., Project Manager, Ratonia Runnels, PhD., Co-Project Manager, Kristy Gillespie, MSW, Graduate Research Assistant.

6. States that oppose Medicaid Expansion: King Davis, PhD, Project Manager, Chunhui Ren, PhD, Co-Project Manager, Victor Obaseki, JD, Co-Project Manager, Seth Kessler, MPA, Graduate Student.

7. 2013 End-of-Session Texas legislative report: Victor Obaseki, JD, Project Manager, Kathryn Freeman, JD, Seth Kessler, MPA, Graduate Student.

8. African American pastors and mental health training: Albert Thompkins, PhD, Project Manager.

9. Descriptive study of needle exchange policies and practices: Kathryn Freeman, JD, Project Manager, Marian Morris, MSN, Graduate Student.

10. Race and Poverty in Austin Texas: Austin's Decline in African American's: Eric Tang, PhD, Co-PI, Chunhui Ren, PhD, Co-PI.  

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