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Kevin Cokley, Director 201 E. 21st Street Austin, TX 78705 (Jester A232A) 78705 • 512-471-3645

New Fellows


Germine Awad, PhD - Educational Psychology, College of Education | is currently designing and implementing a funded study of climate on the UT campus.


Daina Berry, PhD - History Department and African and African Diaspora Department | is collaborating on a legislatively supported project to erect an African American monument at the Texas State Capitol.


Kentya Ford, PhD - College of Pharmacy | will be assisting the Institute to help formulate and assess policy recommendations for health education and prevention in communities of color.


Kevin Foster, PhD - African and African Diaspora Studies Department | has participated actively with the Institute over the past year in the analysis of education policy.


Terrance Green, PhD - College of Education | will be actively involved with Institute staff in the review of proposed educational policies that have historically had a disparate effect on children of color.


Eric McDaniel, PhD - Department of Government, College of Liberal Arts | will be working with IUPRA staff on the interface between religion and mental health in African American communities.


Yolanda Padilla, PhD - School of Social Work | helped to complete a RO1 grant proposal with IUPRA staff in the past year and has provided grant writing consultation.


Richard Reddick, EdD - College of Education | will participate in the second phase of the climate survey to obtain qualitative information from key groups. Dr. Reddick has participated in the analysis of public education policies and their impact on students of color.


Eric Tang, PhD - is working with Institute staff on a study of the outmigration of African Americans from the city of Austin.

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