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Kevin Cokley, Director 210 W. 24th Street , Mailcode E3600, Austin, TX 78712 78705 • 512-471-3645

IUPRA Would Like to Welcome Our New Director, Dr. Kevin Cokley    


Dr. King Davis has given IUPRA three great years of dedication and perseverance to make the vision of IUPRA a reality. With his tenure coming to an end we gladly recognize Dr. Kevin Cokley for picking up the torch and embracing IUPRA's cause and mission. Read More 


In The News

"It took an incredible amount of time by the city officials to prepare for what was anticipated to be the community response. It would have been nice if these officials had devoted this same level of attention to the community before it was in crisis. Watching tear gas being dispersed on what the police referred to as an unlawful assembly, I wondered had we really regressed to the era of civil discord that characterized much of the ’60s?" 

"…Predictably, there will be analysts and observers who will look at the chaos and place all the blame squarely on the members of the community. They will not be able to identify with the depth and intensity of raw emotions of residents who have been targeted and unfairly treated by police with impunity for years."

See Dr. Kevin Cokley's Op-Ed, "Black community’s mistrust of police is rational, justified"

"When a kindergarten teacher commented that her low-income 5-year-old black and Latino male students already had mistrustful attitudes toward the police, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo suggested their mistrust pointed to something wrong in the home. He further stated these were the same kids who probably weren’t doing their homework."

"...police officers must understand that community trust is earned not given. Unless police are willing and able to truly empathize with community anger and pain similar to the way Capt. Ronald Johnson did in Ferguson, relations with black communities will never improve."

See Dr. Vohra-Gupta's Op-Ed, "States should use power to raise the minimum wage"

"To build a better future for American children, one of the most effective policy changes available today is raising the minimum wage to at least $10.10 and then indexing it to inflation so that American families can keep up with the rising prices of gas, food and housing...a raise in minimum wage to $10.10 would increase real income, on net, by $5 billion and pull about 900,000 families above the poverty threshold."

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