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Kevin Cokley, Director 2109 San Jacinto Blvd (Bellmont Bldg. Rm 224), Mailcode E3600, Austin, TX 78705 •

Recent Publications

Dr. Kevin Cokley

Beasley, S., Miller, I. S., Cokley, K. (2014). Academic and Psychosocial Development of African American Males in PreK-12 Settings. In  C. Lewis & J. Moore III (Eds.) African American Male Students in PreK-12 Schools: Informing Research, Policy, and Practice. Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education, Volume 2, 1-25.

Cokley, K., Awogsoba, O., & Taylor, D. (2014). A 12-Year Content Analysis of the Journal of Black Psychology (2000-2011): Implications for the Field of Black Psychology. Journal of Black Psychology, 40(3), 215-238.

Cokley, K., & Awad, G. (2013). In Defense of Quantitative Methods: Using the ‘Master’s Tools’ to Promote Social Justice. Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology5(2), 26-41.                                              

Cokley, K., McClain, S., Enciso, A., & Martinez, M. (2013). An Examination of Minority Status Stress, Impostor Feelings and Mental Health Among Ethnic Minority College Students.  Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 41(2). 82-95.

Cokley, K., Beasley, S., Bullock, A., Chapman-Hilliard, C., Cody, B., Jones, B., Taylor, D. (2013). The Moderating Role of Gender in the Relationship Between Religiosity and Mental Health Among Black American College Students. Mental Health, Religion and Culture,16(5), 445-462.

Cokley, K., Garcia, D., Tran, K., Hall, B., & Rangel, A. (2012). The Moderating Role of Ethnicity in the Relation Between Religiousness and Mental Health Among Ethnically Diverse College Students.  Journal of Religion and Health51(3), pp. 890-907.                             

Cokley, K., McClain, S., Jones, M., & Johnson, S. (2011). A Preliminary Examination of Academic Disidentification, Racial Identity, and Academic Achievement among African American Adolescents.The High School Journal, 95, pp. 54-68. 

Cokley, K., Hall-Clark, B., & Hicks, D. (2011). Ethnic minority-majority status and mental health: the mediating role of perceived discrimination. Journal of Mental Health Counseling33, 243-263.

Seth Kessler  

Berg, B.K., Kessler, S.A., & Hunt, T.M. (2012). A realist perspective of sport and international relations: US governmental perceptions of Olympic boycott movements, 1936 to 2008. International Journal of Sport and Politics, 4(3), 1-14. doi: 10.1080/19406940.2012.694113

Kessler, S.A., Horton, K., Atwood, R., & Gottlieb, N. (2012). Workplace learning for the public good: Implementation of a standardized, competency-based curriculum in rural and urban Texas WIC clinics. Journal of Workplace Learning, 24(4), 270-285. doi10.1108/13665621211223388

Dr. King Davis & Hyejin Jung

Davis, K. & Jung, H. (2013). New federalism, new freedom and states’ rights: The uncertain and fragmented direction of public mental health policy in the United States. In I. Colby, C. Dulmus, & K.M. Sowers (Eds.), Connecting social welfare policy to fields of practice (7th ed.) (pp.37-79). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Davis, K. & Jung, H. (in press). Disparities and inequalities. The Oxford encyclopedia of social work (20th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Davis, K. & Jung, H. (in press). Race, marital status and mental illness. In T. Bent-Goodley, Black Families. Washington DC: NASW Press.

Davis, K. & Jung, H. (2012). The mental health field of practice. In C. Dulmus & K. Sower (Eds.), Social work fields of practice: Historical trends, professional issues, and future opportunities (pp.147-157). Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Dr. King Davis

Davis, K. (2012). The linkages between clinical and policy practice in social work. In E. Hoffler & E. Clar (Eds.), Social work matters: The power of linking policy and practice (pp.33-39). Washington DC:  NASW Press.

Davis, K., Lewis, A. N., Zhang, J. & Thompson, A. (2011). Involuntary commitment policy: Disparities in admissions of African American men to state mental hospitals. In J. Schiele. Social welfare policy: Regulation and resistance among people of color (pp. 63-91). New York, NY: Sage Publications.

Davis, K. (2011). Pathways to integrated care: Strategies for African American organizations and communities. Rockville: Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, 1-36.

Davis, K. (2011). The Central Lunatic Asylum for the Colored Insane: Final Report. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, 1-26.

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