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Charles R. Hale, Director SRH 1.310, 2300 Red River Street D0800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512.471.5551

Lecture: "U.S.-Cuba—Economic Relations and Academic Diplomacy: Playing in the Margins"

Mon, April 15, 2013 • 12:00 PM • 2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1

NEW LOCATION—This event has been moved to the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1.

For more than five decades, affairs between the United States and Cuba have been frozen in a political framework inherited from the Cold War era. The differences that divide the two nations are real, not the result of minor misperceptions, and even have reached quasi-permanent status as a pending issue in the United Nations. The U.S.-Cuba relationship encompasses a wide array of issues including sovereignty, national security, identity, domestic politics, economics, domestic and international law, migration, and cultural and scientific exchanges. Tinker Visiting Professor Jorge Mario Sánchez Egozcue will focus on two dimensions: the state of current channels of bilateral economic exchanges, and a reflection on an academic initiative coordinated under TACE (Taller Academico Cuba–Estados Unidos), led by participants from La Universidad de La Habana (Cuba) and American University (U.S.) with the collaboration of a team from an inter-American organization and support from several international organizations and private foundations, to explore avenues for change in the current impasse.

Jorge Mario Sánchez Egozcue is a Senior Researcher and Professor at La Universidad de La Habana’s Centro de Estudios de la Economia Cubana (CEEC). From 1990 to 2010, he served as Senior Researcher at the Center for U.S. Studies. His research focuses on foreign policy and economic development. Currently, he is co-president of the Cuba Section of LASA (Latin American Studies Association) in the U.S. He received an MA in international economics from Carleton University, Canada, and a PhD in economics from La Universidad de La Habana.

For more information, contact Paloma Diaz.

Sponsored by: LLILAS

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