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Podcast: The Perils of Human Activity - Lessons from Colombia's Experience with Soil Erosion

Posted: October 11, 2011

The Andes range exhibits a very delicate variety of ecosystems and environments along its prolonged trajectory, which has made it particularly vulnerable to the onslaught of modernity and human activity.

While the increasing intensity of natural disasters in tropical areas is often blamed on global warming, the causes might not be as intractable. Soil erosion and deforestation, both caused by unrestrained human activity, can affect an ecosystem more profoundly.

Dr. Juan Restrepo, one of Colombia's top hydrographers and the LLILAS 2011­-2012 Tinker Visiting Professor, offers his insights and vast knowledge to illuminate the issue. Drawing from Colombia's experience with man-made ecological modifications, he sketches out the implications of human pressure on fluvial ecosystems, with the hope that this information will better equip citizens and policymakers across the developing world.

Listen to or download an audio recording of Dr. Restrepo's lecture.

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