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LLILAS Graduate Students Blog from Near and Far This Summer

Posted: July 15, 2014
Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA; photo by Manny Galaviz

Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA; photo by Manny Galaviz

LLILAS graduate students are blogging about their summer research projects. Follow Aileen Ford in Oaxaca, Mexico, as she pursues a diploma course on gender and sexual violence, and Teresa Mioli in Lima, Peru, as she studies the treatment of politics among limeño journalists during the last two decades of the 20th century. Ruijie Peng reports from Ecuador about Chinese workers on a hydroelectric power project in San Luis, in the Amazon, while Manny Galaviz examines conflicts and transformations in Barrio Logan, a Mexican-American neighborhood in San Diego, California, and Sam Tabory interns in Washington, DC, at an engineering and international development services firm on social protection and infrastructure aid work in Latin America and the Caribbean. Meanwhile in Brazil, Jessica Diaz-Hurtado is exploring Rio de Janeiro’s hip-hop scene and Sara McTarnaghan is conducting research on public housing, also in Rio, as well as interning with the organization Catalytic Communities and learning as much as she can about urban issues. Travis Knoll is in Belo Horizonte doing research on Catholic intellectuals; his blog post covers a wide range of observations from a city that was one of the hosts to the World Cup. As the dog days of summer continue (or winter, if you’re south of the equator), check back in with the LLILAS student blogs to hear from more students.

Read the blogs on the ILASSA website.

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