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Charles R. Hale, Director SRH 1.310, 2300 Red River Street D0800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512.471.5551

Fall 2003


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
37470 TTh
12:30 PM-2:00 PM
BAT 318

Course Description

Analysis and readings from selected Chicano writers ranging from Ricardo Sánchez to Alma Villanueva in poetry, Tomás Rivera to Miguel Méndez in the novel, Rolando Hinojosa-Smith to Jim Sagel in the Short Story and Luis Valdez to Carlos Morton in the Theater. The objective of the course is to provide a survey of the development of Mexican and Chicano thought in an attempt to understand the formulation of the Chicano mind. This course concentrates on the literary genres of the Novel, Poetry, Short Story and Theatre and its themes linking Mexican and Chicano thought. Background readings include a social-political-historical and cultural outline of the Chicano in addition to social-political-religious medieval European and pre-Columbian paradigms. Students will be required to submit one page each of an outline and abstract of paper in Spanish of 14 pages. Reading assignments, class participation and regular attendance are essential. Meets the substantial writing component requirement. Prerequisites: Completion of at least 27 hours of semester coursework and of Spanish language requirements through SPN 612 or 312L.

Grading Policy

Exams & Quizzes = 40% (no make-ups) Paper = 40% (50% lang.;50% content) Presentations/Attendance: =20% (Absences—2(-6pts), 3(-9pts), 4(-12pts) Paper requirements: One page each of outline and abstract plus 14 pages of text. (12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced) Must be original on themes and material read in class.(no internet or library input) Spanish registrants write in Span; LAS,MAS, write 1/3 in Span, 2/3 in English. Late papers: 5 pts off (1-3 days),10 pts off (5-7 days)


Antología de la literatura Chicana: Novela, Cuento, Teatro, Poesía (Abels) Mestizo: The History, Culture and Politics of the Mexican and Chicano (Bookstore) Background Readings: PCL /Benson Arnoldo Carlos Vento, Tres civilizaciones del mundo medieval ----------------------------La generación Hijo Pródigo:Renovación y Modernidad ----------------------------La Cueva de Naltzatlan ----------------------------En el nombre del Padre y del Hijo ----------------------------The Ricardo Sánchez Reader: Critical Essays and Anthology(E Book)


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