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Charles R. Hale, Director SRH 1.310, 2300 Red River Street D0800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512.471.5551

Spring 2010


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40778 W
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
SRH 1.313

Course Description

Course description This seminar is grounded in a central assertion, which will be subjected to scrutiny over the course of the semester: the era of neoliberal multiculturalism (mid-1980s to the present) has come to a close. Two principal lines of argument underlie this assertion: first, that resistance movements led by Black and indigenous peoples increasingly have gone beyond (or in some cases simply refused) the "citizenship rights" framework that neoliberal multiculturalism put forth; second, that economic crisis makes it increasingly difficult for states to concede and honor even the limited package of rights that have been achieved. To assess the validity of this assertion, we will look back over the past three decades to analyze the rise of neoliberal multiculturalism and its consequences. This retrospective will focus both on dominant actors and institutions, and on key currents of Black and indigenous mobilization, to understand both what they sought and what they achieved. Finally, we will carry out an ethnography of the present, to assess the “end-of-an-era” assertion, made especially urgent by the corollary that the emerging regime of political-economic governance could well be more menacing than its predecessor. The regional focus will be Latin America, and the principal socio-political actors to be studied are Black and indigenous peoples. However, some theoretical and ethnographic literature will be drawn from other world areas, especially the global south. Requirements Requirements will include three short analytical essays and one “activist scholarship” exercise. Reading will be relatively heavy, with roughly one book (or equivalent in articles) per week. Enrollment Graduate students from any school or discipline are welcome. If you are interested, please send a brief (one paragraph maximum) statement on your research and program of study to: Decisions on enrollment will be made no later than November 16.


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