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David Leal, Director Mailcode A1800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-7277

Mark D. Hayward

Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington


Recent Publications

Lariscy, Joseph T., Robert A. Hummer, and Mark D. Hayward. In press. “Hispanic Adult Mortality in the United States: A Review, New Estimates, and Comparisons to Other Population Groups.” Demography.

Hayward, Mark D., Robert A. Hummer, Chi-Tsun Chiu, César González-González, and Rebeca Wong. 2014. “Does the Hispanic Paradox in Mortality Extend to Disability?” Population Research and Policy Review 33:81-96.

Brown, Dustin, Robert A. Hummer, and Mark D. Hayward. 2014. “Spousal Education and Self-Rated Health in the United States.” Population Research and Policy Review 33:127-151. PubMed – in process.

McFarland, Michael J. and Mark D. Hayward. 2014. “Poverty and Awakening Cortisol in Adolescence: The Importance of Timing in Early Life.” Society and Mental Health 4:21-37.

Montez, Jennifer Karas, and Mark D. Hayward. 2014. “Cumulative Childhood Adversity, Education, and Active Life Expectancy among U.S. Adults.” Demography 51:413-435.

Cantu, Phillip A., Mark D. Hayward, Robert A. Hummer, and Chi-Tsun Chiu. 2013. “New Estimates of Racial/ethnic Differences in Life Expectancy with Chronic Morbidity and Functional Loss: Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 28:283-297.

Pollack, Craig, Catherine Cubbin, Sania Avesha, Mark Hayward, Donna Vallone, Brian Flaherty, and Paula Braverman. 2013. “Do Wealth Disparities Contribute to Health Disparities within Racial/Ethnic Groups?” Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 67:439-445.

McFarland, Michael J., Mark D. Hayward, and Dustin Brown. 2013. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin: Marital Biography and Biological Risk.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 75:363-380.

Lariscy, Joseph T., Robert A. Hummer, Jessica M. Rath, Andrea C. Villanti, Mark D. Hayward, and Donna M. Vallone. 2013. “Race/Ethnicity, Nativity, and Tobacco Use among U.S. Young Adults: Results from a Nationally Representative Survey.” Nicotine and Tobacco Research 15(8):1417-1426. PubMed – in Process.

Forman, Michele R., Lauren D. Mangini, Rosenie Thelus-Jean, and Mark D. Hayward. 2013. “Life-course Origins of the Ages at Menarche and Menopause.” Adolescent Health, Medicine and Theraputics 4:1-21.

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