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Kamran Asdar Ali, Director WCH 4.132, Mailcode G9300, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3550

Vidhu Chaturvedi

Lecturer MA, Banaras Hindu University, (Varanasi, India)

" In a Language Course learner is the center and focus of ALL our activities ! "


  • Phone: Work: 512-471-0304, Cell: 512-924-4630
  • Office: WCH 4.104 (Hindi Urdu Flagship, general purpose hall)
  • Office Hours: SPRING 2015: M/W 02:00-03:30; TTh01:00-03:00 ; Friday / other time - by prior appointment (mail or in person)
  • Campus Mail Code: B7700



Vidhu Shekhar Chaturvedi


Education & Qualifications

1. M.A. English Literature: Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi: 1984

2. Hindi Literature (as a compulsory subject) till B.A.

3. Educated in Elementary Sanskrit and Writing of Literary Hindi (critiques, essays and creative writings) by a Private Tutor, Late Pt. Janaki Naath Tripathi (Familial Guru ji).

4. Self educated -through various AIIS Workshops focusing on use of technology, with help from friends and colleagues and with consistent practice- in the use of computers for Language Teaching

5. First Language: Hindi

6. Other Languages: English, Various Dialects of the Hindi Language


Teaching & Working Experiences

Miscellaneous Jobs / Occupations 

1985-90: Worked as Private Tutor (English and Hindi) with Indian, college- level students, and as Research Assistant with some American Scholars. (Around this time, in my eager youthfulness, I also tried my hand on some odd jobs like Medical Representative {Microlabs} and Office Assistant {AIIS}, but was not able to cope with them.)


1990-91: Taught English Language to Law Students at Kashi Vidyapith (State {Provincial} Level University), Varanasi, in the capacity of a Temporary Lecturer. The position was temporary. (The department soon ran into financial problems and was closed down!)


1992-98: As Research Assistant

Worked on this occasion much more earnestly and with total commitment- in the capacity of Research Assistant for several European and American Scholars working for their Ph.D., with Professors writing books / doing research work, and with Authors writing books and “Desk Top” books. 


The work involved explorations for information, establishing and strengthening contacts, numerous translations, and incisive, penetrating interviews with people from almost all social registers. My field was entire U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) and parts of M.P. (Madhya Pradesh) in India.


Some important people with whom I have worked are Professor John E. Gent, Department of Political Science and Foreign Affairs, Virginia University, now Treasurer of the AIIS (American Institute of Indian Studies), Pramila Jaypal, Author with Institute of Current World Affairs and the author of "Pilgrimage" and other books on socio-cultural scenario of India, Stephen P. Huyler, author of "Village India", "Painted Prayers" and "Gifts of Earth", 

Professor David Kinsley from Canada, Professor Don Statner  


Translations included instant oral translations (Hindi / Hindi Dialect-English and Vice-Versa) and much more time-taking, challenging, written translations of various texts, both classical and vernacular


Enjoyed excellent reputation and recognition as the most competent and resourceful Research Assistant in Varanasi, India.



1.Preparation of Instructional Materials, 2. Vocabularies (Love words and nuances of their meanings and usage), 3. Classical and Popular Hindi Films, especially from 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s 4. Popular and Classical Hindi Literature and 5. Language in the Socio Cultural Context and 6. Influence of Socio-Cultural Environment in the Formation, Structure and Expressions of Language.



September 1998-December 2009: Worked as Teacher of the Hindi Language at the Hindi Language Program, American Institute of Indian Studies, India -teaching all components of the Hindi Language to all levels of learners.


The HLP, AIIS is primarily designed and equipped for Advance Level American Students / Scholars. There is Summer Language Program (SLP) that runs during June-August and the Academic Year Language Program (AYLP) that runs during September-April.

Over the years, under the auspices of this great institute, AIIS,  I was assigned several additional responsibilities, even while I was working with the AIIS regular students alongside:


1. Was given charge of SOAS (England) students when the AIIS decided to open its doors for them in 2002. Professor Rupert Snell (author of the celebrated 'Teach Yourself Hindi'), who is presently Vice Chair, HUF at UT was then with the SOAS. Heaps of weekly reports sent to the SOAS during 2002-2009 are testimony to my hard work. Professor Snell has called these reports "valuable documents in themselves" in his communications with us.

SOAS students have been regularly with the AIIS in India ever since for the AYLPs (Academic Year Language Programs: September-April) and the SOAS-AIIS tie-up has become of a permanent nature now: a testimony to my hard work.


2. In the year 2006 was sent for some weeks to Hyderabad University to help Hindi

Learners and to guide and train their faculty


3. Was given charge of students of the NYCG (New York Consortium Group), now known as NYSICCSI, when in the year 2007 the consortium approached the AIIS to facilitate Hindi teaching for its students. The students, usually 20-24 in numbers, are mostly at the Novice-Mid Level, having initiated Hindi Learning for a few weeks at the Landour Language School, Mussoorie, India.


While working with the NYSICCSI and the SOAS students, I continued to work with the regular AIIS students as well. In 2008 I was invited to Mussoourie for a week to study Landour Language School’s pedagogy and the methodology while the NYSICCSI students were being instructed there. Worked with NYSICCSI students in 2007, 2008 and in 2009. 


The NYSICCSI was very much impressed with the AIIS for the excellent teaching offered and now this tie up of the NYSICCSI with the AIIS has also become of a permanent nature.



4. In the Summer of 2008 the AIIS for the first time admitted beginner students to the Hindi Language Program. Was given charge to run the first ever Elementary Hindi Language Program launched by the AIIS. It was very successful, both in the years 2008, and 2009 and now the AIIS, for the Summer Programs (June-August), has three programs: the Advance Language Program, the Intermediate Language Program (initiated and made successful by Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, previously with the Atlanta University and now with Columbia University, New York) and the regular Advance Language Program.


January 2010-Till Date: Working for the University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA under the Department of Asian Studies. Teaching the HIN 506 (First Year Hindi -I), HIN 507 (First Year Hindi -II), HIN 604 (Accelerated First Year Hindi -I) and HIN 612 (Accelerated First Year Hindi -II)


Teaching Materials

While working with the AIIS, haveconsistently prepared numerous vocabularies for Magazine Articles, Hindi Literature, Listening Comprehension (Audio / Video), Film Classes, teaching materials for Grammar Classes and Vocabulary Classes and Various Reference Materials (notes and vocabularies pertaining to various festivals and technical, situational vocabularies etc.) Have produced so much material, almost on daily basis that it was near impossible to keep track and account of them.


During the recent years, production of vocabulary materials pertaining to nuances of meanings and usage of terms / words, with various illustrious examples, has earned me immense credit and popularity among Advance / Intermediate Level learners.

 Produced lots of materials for all levels of students: ranging from the very Beginner (Grammar Handouts and others) to very Advance / Superior Level. 

Have also updated, modified or refined almost all the pre-existing teaching materials at the HLP, AIIS.

Have also prepared and posted -and keep preparing and posting- on the Blackboard quite a bit of Instructional Materials of all kind, Drills and Reference Materials while working for the HIN 506 / 507 (First Year Hindi -I, II) and the HIN 604 / 612 (Accelerated First Year Hindi -I, II) courses at the University of Texas at Austin.

Quite expeditious and effective in preparing teaching materials, for I simply love doing it to help my students. I endeavor to prepare materials according to students’ current levels and in accordance with their pre-existing and ever growing knowledge and skills, always keeping the  A+1 theory in mind. (A= what the leaner knows, 1 = the right amount of input)


Professional Development Activities


  • 7 (Seven) Annual Workshops and 02 Mini Workshops during 1998-2008 for Language Faculty Development, American Institute of India Studies, on various topics, presided by Dr. Suren Gambhir of University of Pennsylvania (Ex-Chair, Language  Committee, AIIS), Professor Herman Van Olphen of University of Texas at Austin (Ex-Chair, Language Committee, AIIS)  and Professor Philip Lutgendorf of University of Iowa (Ex-Chair, Language Committee, AIIS).


  • In addition, Language Teaching Workshop & Conference on "Study Abroad Programs" under the auspices of UCEFI, 2007.The Language Workshop was presided by Professor Michael Shapiro of University of Washington. 


  • Have been attending talks and workshops organized by the Texas Language Center :


  • September 14, 2011 :Language Matters: Song in the Language Classroom 
  • September 24, 2011 : Teaching the Whole Class: Teaching Different Learners in the

        Language Classroom

  • October 11, 2011 : Workshop onHeritage Learners
  • Hindi Urdu Flagship Language Teaching Workshops

All annual workshops organized by the HUF (Hindi Urdu Flagship)



Projects / Talks

  •  Currently working on an online project related to Assisting Students Find The Right Word / Verb and Use it Correctly. This will be an ongoing work -gradually and consistently developing and expanding- perhaps through several years to come.


  •  Gave a Presentation related to the topic mentioned above under the auspices of the Texas Language Center (UT) on November 09, 2011 titled “Developing Vocabulary Building Resources : Some Challenges”.



Award from the AIIS, for being evaluated Best Teacher (2003-04). 

The system of such an award was cancelled during the same year and does not exist anymore at

the AIIS. Still, am still considered the best teacher at the AIIS by my colleagues and superiors.


Curricular Innovations

At The Hindi Language Program, A.I.I.S. (India)


  • Developed curriculums for Ten Weeks’ and Four Weeks’ teaching at the Beginner Level
  • Introduced Grammar Topics, hitherto considered suitable only for Intermediate and Advance Level Students (like the Compound Verbs) to the teaching of Novice Level Students (Beginners), as the students were being consistently exposed to such constructions in India.
  • Introduced effectively and to the best advantage activities like the "Community Interaction / Participation" at the Novice Level Teaching as well.
  • Devised a way to rearrange the HLP library (housing more than 2500 books on Hindi Literature and Linguistics) according to topics / genres / subjects instead of the traditional Accession Numbers. It was a total success and came in very useful.
  • Helped prepare useful guidelines and tips for safe and productive community participation, various socio-cultural and host family adjustments.

At University of Texas, Austin

  • Continually working with other faculty members to upgrade useful materials of all kinds on the Hindi Urdu Flagship website.


*    *    *


1.Preparation of all kinds of Instructional Materials, 2. Vocabularies (Love words, nuances of their meanings and usage), 3. Classical and Popular Hindi Films, especially from 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s having interesting linguistic features 4. Popular and Classical Hindi Literature and 5. Language in the Socio Cultural Context and 6. Influence of Socio-Cultural Environment in the Formation, Structure and Expressions of Language.
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