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About Poets & Scholars

Poets & Scholars: Creative, Cultural and Critical Crossings

A Series of Symposia and Workshops

This Institute brings together poets and poetics scholars for a year-long exploration of form and formal innovation in diverse poetic communities and traditions. The historic debates within feminist, queer, and multi-ethnic studies about the nature of traditional formal artistry, formal "mastery," and experimentalism within poetics have evolved since the 1980s, when some feminist, African-American, and queer poets spoke of traditional poetic form as "the master's tools," in Audre Lorde's memorable phrase. Given this history, what is the status of formal verse in poetic practice today? What are the relationships between race, gender, and sexuality, traditional form, and formal innovation?

Co-directors Lisa Moore and Meta DuEwa Jones aim to bring poets and scholars into local, regional, and national conversations about the value and location of poetry in our communities today. Through a series of readings, performances, master classes, workshops, seminars, and other events, we intend to write a new chapter in literary history across diverse creative, cultural, and critical boundaries.

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