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After the Application

After Submission

  • Immediately after you submit your UT admissions application, you should complete the UT housing application. Your spot in line for dorm placement is determined by when you submit your housing application. You do not need to wait to receive an offer of admission from UT to complete the UT Housing Application. 
  • Students admitted into an honors program are eligible for honors housing, so in order to have a better chance at living in the honors quad or other housing preference, apply early.
  • More information and a link to the housing application can be found here.
  • The most difficult part of the application process is waiting for a decision. We strive to make and send out decisions quickly. In the past, all admissions decisions were made by the end of February. In the future, it is our goal to meet or exceed this deadline.

After Being Accepted

  • After receiving your acceptance letter, you should follow the link sent in your information packet to inform LAH that you have received your letter.
  • Students have until May 1st to inform LAH if they intend to be a part of the program, but we want to know that the letter has arrived.
  • If you decide to attend UT, you will need register to attend an orientation session. Orientation information and registration can be found here.

Other Degree Enhancements

  • LAH receives over 1000 applications for around 140 spots. Because of this high demand, there are bright and talented students that LAH cannot accept into our program. There are, however, other opportunities for those students to expand their academic breadth and depth while at UT:
  • Departmental Honors are programs offered by most majors in the College of Liberal Arts that lead to special honors in the major.
  • Liberal Arts Honors (upper division) allows students who have earned 60 hours of credit and have at least a 3.5 GPA the eligibility to take part in a series of interdisciplinary courses taught by some of the best faculty on campus that lead to a student receiving honors in the College of Liberal Arts upon graduation if they receive two A-‘s and one B in three classes.
  • The Humanities Program offers the highly motivated and able student the opportunity to fashion his or her own course of study as a honors major for the B.A. degree.
  • Core Texts and Ideas provides an integrated path through UT's core curriculum based on a study of the great books. At the end of their programs, students ear a Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas.
  • The Bridging Disciplines Program allows students to earn an interdisciplinary certificate through a course of study that integrates classroom, research, and internship experiences.