College of Liberal Arts

Administrative Computing


The mission of the Administrative Computing team is to provide the highest quality applications and services that enhance, expedite, and shape the business technology needs of the College of Liberal Arts.


Our team oversees a suite of software applications that serve our college and the campus community. Our suite of services focuses on administrative and advising needs and interacts with other administrative computing units across campus including the Registrar, Admissions, Development, and the Provost's Offices. We also retain responsibility for a large part of the University's advising services (an online advisingToolkit, advising notes, and an undergraduate exit survey), as well as several legacy mainframe applications that still receive significant use.

As part of our work, we have created a unified repository that displays all information related to faculty and graduate students, wound into one navigable site.  We are striving to find paperless solutions to administrative business processes throughout the college.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the college largely depends on its ability to integrate information and telecommunication technologies into all of its operations. We seek to offer innovative, best-of-breed solutions and services to all college constituents in an open, friendly, and collaborative manner.

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We employ a team of highly skilled programmers who collaborate with partners in the various business areas to deliver efficient and effective business systems. Our mission-driven work environment encourages cross-unit collaboration and engagement, which allows functional and technical people to pool their talents to generate unique solutions for campus business needs. This open environment also acquaints our technical teams with business partners across the campus.

Our team is ready to embrace the future; we are constantly monitoring technology trends and experimenting with creative ways to apply them to campus business.

Every one of us takes great pride in what we do. How can we help you today?

If you have any questions, would like to request a report, or if you need assistance with a service, please contact us at