College of Liberal Arts


Office Supplies

Effective July 1, 2011, UT Austin has an exclusive contract with OfficeMax for office supplies. Please provide OfficeMax part numbers to LAITS staff for purchase or make purchases at local, OfficeMax stores. UT Austin employees will be able to obtain contract pricing on in-store purchases at OfficeMax stores for both personal and business items by presenting the OfficeMax Retail Connect Card for UT.


Please turn in original receipts, along with a completed Procard Charge Form (PDF), within 3 days of each Procard purchase.

Procard Charge Form (PDF)- required with each Procard purchase


Please provide original receipts and the General Reimbursement Form (PDF) when seeking reimbursement for personal purchases.

General Reimbursement Form (PDF)- submit with each receipt when seeking reimbursement for purchase of supplies, equipment, etc. (not entertainment or travel expenses)

Sales Tax Exemption

UT Austin is exempt from paying Texas sales tax. You may provide the exemption certificate below to vendors as needed.

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF)