College of Liberal Arts


A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) is required for all UT employees and non-employees traveling to conduct university business, regardless of whether or not there is any cost to the university. Non-employees can include prospective students, job applicants, guest speakers, etc. An RTA is needed any time a person conducts university business off-campus for more than 4 hours (i.e. local conference, meeting, etc.).

Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) Form (PDF) - for LAITS staff to process an official, electronic RTA

Airline Reservation Questionnaire (PDF) - for LAITS staff to ticket and direct bill airfare through a UT travel agent

State of Texas Hotel Tax Exemption (PDF) - UT travelers are exempt from state (but not local) hotel occupancy taxes within the State of Texas when staying at a hotel on university business.

After a business trip has occurred, travel expenses should be submitted for reimbursement by completing the Travel Reimbursement Form (PDF) and turning in appropriate receipts.

For air and car rental policy information, please refer to the following pages:

Air Travel Policy

Car Rental Policy