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Faculty Development

Liberal Arts ITS offers several Faculty Development Opportunities to engage faculty with technology for instructional and research purposes. We generally prefer to work on projects intended to produce significant outcomes beyond basic technical skill building. 

faculty seminar In addition to the walk-in services of the STA Program, department chairs and faculty may contact us for custom designed technology training and consulting aimed at leveraging technology for enhanced teaching practices and productive scholarship.

The Faculty iPad Initiative

Building from successful past projects such as the Friday Technology Forums and the Summer Faculty Technology Workshop, The College of Liberal Arts and the College of Fine Arts are pleased to announce a new faculty development project for tablet computing.

Recent faculty requests for iPads sparked the colleges to explore how mobile tablets might be adopted by and/or disrupt our technology operations. While initial consideration included Android and Windows-based mobile tablets, the iPad 3 was selected.  At this point in time, iPads are the most developed in technical infrastructure and available applications. The iPad now accounts for 97% of all tablet-based web traffic in the U.S. and 46.8% of all mobile web traffic.

The Faculty iPad Initiative is a proactive response to the notion that tablet computing is more than just an extension of mobile smart phones. Tablets represent a significantly new type of technology. New technologies change the social and cultural realities of our faculty and our students. By supporting faculty to explore this new technology now, we aim to speed and improve the overall experience with tablets as they are widely adopted.

Initial efforts focused on a cohort of 24 faculty testers. An additional cohort of 24 has been selected for a second workshop, with additional workshops planned in the coming months.

For more information, see the Faculty iPad Initiative Blog, or donwload and read the August 2012 Preliminary Report (pdf).

For More Information about the iPad Initiative or other Faculty Development opportunities:

Contact Emily Cicchini, (512) 471-6882.