College of Liberal Arts

Classroom Help Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a problem in my classroom?

The classroom help desk telephone number is 512-471-9666.  The CLA building has its own help desk at telephone number 512-232-5400. You can report problems to either number. Problems may also be reported using e-mail at the following address:

Is the media console help desk available only during business hours?

The helpdesk telephone number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will not always be someone on campus, during odd hours, to physically respond to your needs, however, most problems can be resolved on the telephone.

Where can I get a key for the wooden cabinet type media consoles?

If you need one for a cabinet-type media installation, keys are issued during business hours at the Liberal Arts ITS office in Mezes Hall, Room 2.302.

How do I operate the technology in my classroom?

There are too many answers to that question to be listed here. We have a web page with common Questions About Classroom Technology Operation, including the new College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA) Classroom Technology and, of course, we'd be glad to come to your classroom and show you. Call 512-471-9666 or 512-232-5400 to set up an appointment.

Is there a class I could take about using instructional technology?

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers an extensive catalogue of course offerings addressing why and how to integrate instructional technology into your classroom.

Can I make a video or conference call from a Classroom?

Liberal Arts ITS can now provide interactive videoconferencing in SAC, FAC and CLA . Email: for more information. In addition, most Macintosh OS-X computers in classrooms have the Skype application. WebCams are available for check-out and are "plug and play" on the OS-X computers. For more information see Using Skype in CoLA classrooms.

Do all Liberal Arts media consoles have computers in them?

Most installations have a computer that can run either Microsoft Windows or the Macintosh OS-X operating system. Some small seminar rooms are designed for you to bring your own laptop as a content source. Check our classroom list for a description of the equipment in each room.

What if I want to install a software application on the computer in my classroom?

Requests pertaining to classroom technology may be made to: