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Photo of David I Beaver

David I Beaver

Professor, Director of the Cognitive Science Program |
CLA 4.708

Education: PhD, Edinburgh

Photo of Nora C. England

Nora C. England

Dallas TACA Centennial Professor in the Humanities |
+1-512-471-9014 |
CLA 4.732

Education: Ph.D., University of Florida

Interests: linguistic description, grammar writing, language and identity, language politics, language ideologies, Mayan linguistics, American languages

Photo of Ian Hancock

Ian Hancock

Harold C. and Alice T. Nowlin Regents Professor in Liberal Arts |
+1-512-232-7684 |
CAL 420

Education: Ph.D., London University

Interests: Romani; Creole; English; Human rights

Hans Kamp

Visiting Professor |
+1-512-471-4880 |
CLA 4.704

Education: PhD, University of California at Los Angeles

Interests: Language and Thought, Philosophy of Language (Propositional Attitudes)

Photo of Richard P Meier

Richard P Meier

Department Chair and Robert D. King Centennial Professor of Liberal Arts |
+1-512-471-9031 |
CLA 4.720

Education: Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Interests: Linguistics of signed languages, American Sign Language, first language acquisition

Photo of Scott P Myers

Scott P Myers

Professor |
+1-512-471-9032 |
CLA 4.726

Education: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Interests: Bantu languages

Photo of Harvey M Sussman

Harvey M Sussman

R. P. Doherty, Sr. Centennial Professorship in Communication |
+1-512-471-9002 |
CLA 4.730

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Madison)

Photo of Stephen M Wechsler

Stephen M Wechsler

Professor |
+1-512-471-9026 |
CLA 4.702

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Photo of Anthony C. Woodbury

Anthony C. Woodbury

Professor |
+1-512-471-1701 |
CLA 4.728

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Associate Professors

Photo of Jason M Baldridge

Jason M Baldridge

Associate Professor |
+1-512-232-7682 |
CLA 4.738

Education: Ph.D., University of Edinburgh

Interests: Computational Linguistics, Syntax, Parsing, Machine Learning

Photo of John T Beavers

John T Beavers

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor and Associate Professor |
+1-512-232-7683 |
CLA 4.706

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Syntax, Lexical Semantics

Photo of Megan J. Crowhurst

Megan J. Crowhurst

Associate Professor |
512.471.9027 |
CLA 4.712

Education: Ph.D., University of Arizona

Photo of Patience L. Epps

Patience L. Epps

Associate Professor |
+1-512-471-9015 |
CLA 4.736

Education: Ph.D., University of Virginia

Photo of Katrin E Erk

Katrin E Erk

Associate Professor |
+1-512-471-9020 |
CLA 4.734

Education: Ph.D., Saarland University, Germany

Photo of David Quinto-Pozos

David Quinto-Pozos

Associate Professor |
+1-512-471-9030 |
CLA 4.714

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Rajka Smiljanic

Rajka Smiljanic

Associate Professor |
+1-512-471-9029 |
CLA 4.724

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Assistant Professors

Photo of Colin Bannard

Colin Bannard

Assistant Professor |
+1-512-471-9022 |
CLA 4.426

Education: Ph.D., University of Edinburgh

Photo of Danny Law

Danny Law

Assistant Professor |
CLA 4.432

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Historical Linguistics, Language Contact, Mayan Languages, Writing Systems

Senior Lecturers

Photo of Franky L Schussel

Franky L Schussel

Senior Lecturer |
+1-512-471-1701 |
CLA 4.622

Education: MA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Photo of Deborah E White

Deborah E White

Senior Lecturer |
CLA 4.620

Education: MA, Gallaudet University


Viorica Alexandra Teodorescu

Lecturer |
CLA 4.428

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Suzanne V.H. van der Feest

Suzanne V.H. van der Feest

Research Associate & Lecturer |
CLA 4.430

Education: Ph.D., University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Other faculty

Photo of Hans C Boas

Hans C Boas

Professor; Raymond Dickson, Alton C. Allen and Dillon Anderson Centennial Professor; Director, Linguistics Research Center; Director, Texas German Dialect Project |
+1-512-232-6358 |
BUR 328

Education: Ph.D., Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interests: Syntax, Lexical Semantics, Computational Lexicography, Language Contact & Variation, Contrastive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Pragmatics, Morphology, Endangered Languages, Phonology

Photo of Bharath Chandrasekaran

Bharath Chandrasekaran

Assistant Professor |
512 471 2035 |
CMA 4.120A

Education: Ph.D., Purdue University

Photo of Zenzi M Griffin

Zenzi M Griffin

Professor - Department of Psychology |
SEA 5.214

Education: PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Interests: Language production, speech errors, personal names, and psycholinguistics

Photo of Elizabeth L. Keating

Elizabeth L. Keating

Professor |
471-8518 |
SAC 4.156

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: Linguistic Anthropology, Language and Status, American Sign Language, New Communication Technologies, Multimodal Communication, Visual Anthropology

Professors Emeriti

John Bordie

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Robert T Harms

Robert T Harms

Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Photo of Robert King

Robert King

Audre and Bernard Rapoport Regents Chair Emeritus of Jewish Studies and Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Interests: Historical linguistics; DNA and the origins of spoken language; language and politics;language and people issues.

Bjorn E Lindblom

Professor Emeritus

Education: Fil dr (= Ph.D.), Lund University

Robert E Wall

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

In Memoriam

Carlota S. Smith