Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

David Stuart

ProfessorPh.D., Vanderbilt University

Linda and David Schele Professor of Mesoamerican Art and Writing, Department of Art and Art History and Department of Anthropology
David Stuart



Mesoamerican archaeology and epigraphy


LAS 381 • Mesoamerican Iconography

39833 • Spring 2016
Meets TH 930am-1230pm ART 3.432

This course offers an in-depth examination of an important topic in the representational art of symbolism of ancient Mesoamerica. No previous exposure or study to Mesoamerican art is required. Our focus this year is the “iconography of periodicity” – that is, the ubiquitous art and symbolism connected with calendar stations and associated ceremonies among the Aztec and Maya. Students will analyze the complex and highly varied imagery associated with these so-called period endings, using case studies that elucidate concepts in Mesoamerican religious belief and ritual practice, including world-renewal, ideologies of kingship, and varieties of royal performance

LAS 327 • Aztec Art And Civilization

39460 • Fall 2015
Meets TTH 200pm-330pm DFA 2.204

An introduction to the art, symbolism, and visual culture of the ancient Aztecs. Subjects include the representations of history and mythology in architecture, stone monuments, and pictorial manuscripts.

LAS 381 • Calendar/Ritual In Anc Mesoam

40718 • Spring 2011
Meets M 300pm-600pm ART 3.432
(also listed as ANT 384M)

Prehistoric cultural developments of a major geographical area; comparative cultural developments in ecologically similar areas.

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