Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Kenneth R. Young

ProfessorPh.D., University of Colorado at Boulder

Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment
Kenneth R. Young



Biogeography; landscape ecology; climate change; sustainability; tropical environments


LAS 388 • Smnr Biodiversity Conservation

40407 • Fall 2011
Meets M 400pm-700pm GRG 408
(also listed as GRG 392M)

Towards New Paradigms


GRG 392M (#37495), LAS 388 (#40407), Fall 2011

Mondays 4-7 PM, in GRG 408

Dr. Kenneth R. Young (kryoung@austin.utexas.edu)

GRG 334-A, Department of Geography & the Environment, UT-Austin

Office hours: Tue, 10AM-Noon; or by appointment


Course goals:
            This course will use a graduate-student seminar format to examine the current state of knowledge about the goals and methods of biodiversity conservation, especially in reference to global changes, both environmental and social. Students will be expected to read the relevant scientific literature, to actively participate in class discussions, and to write three essays. The seminar is crafted to expose participants to the means of research and communication concerning the environmental consequences of global change, and especially in regards the management of species, ecosystems, and landscapes. New approaches to biodiversity conservation will be evaluated over the course of the semester.


Course schedule:

         Part 1:  Species and Ecosystems (August, September)

       Part 2:  Landscapes: Utilized and Natural (October)

       Part 3:  Assessing New Paradigms (November)


Required textbooks:

Chapin, F. S., III, G. P. Kofinas, and C. Folke (eds.). 2009. Principles ofEcosystem Stewardship: Resilience-Based Natural Resource Management in a Changing World. Springer, New York, NY. ISBN: 9780387730325

Perfecto, I., J. Vandermeer, and A. Wright. 2010. Nature’s Matrix: Linking Agriculture, Conservation and Food Sovereignty. Earthscan, London (paperback). ISBN: 9781844077823


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