Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Israel Studies

Israel Studies at UT is housed in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies and actively seeks to situate the study of Israel, both ancient and modern, in its regional and historical contexts. Inviting faculty collaborations across disciplines and institutions, we encourage interdisciplinary and comparative inquiry, with the aim of creating a dialogue with cultural phenomena not conventionally associated with Israel Studies. By broadening the boundaries of the field, we acknowledge the reciprocal influences and diverse contacts that have contributed to the complexity of Israel past and present.

Several academically oriented events anchor this vision. A regular lecture series brings a distinguished scholar to speak at UT each semester. Additionally, scholars of various disciplines meet several times each semester for a brown-bag series that offers the opportunity for engagement with pre-determined topics in a roundtable or other discussion forums. We encourage the involvement of faculty and students from across campus to ensure that our mission of the regional, interdisciplinary, and historical contextualization of Israel Studies benefits from the wide variety of perspectives and critical approaches represented at UT.
Innovative scholarship is necessarily supported by deep linguistic and cultural knowledge. Hence, MES pursues excellence and innovation in the instruction of both Biblical and Modern Hebrew and promotes study abroad in Israel for undergraduate and graduate students.   We actively seek scholarly exchanges with sister institutions in Israel.


Aaron Bar-Adon (Professor, Department of Middle Eastern Studies), has been appointed to the Academy of the Hebrew Language, and delivered the keynote address at the Academy's meeting in November in Jerusalem.


Israel Studies Roundtable

Israel and the Arab Spring: Responses to Israel among Revolutionary Demonstrators

Monday, February 27, 2012
PAR 101
12 Noon

The recent revolutionary wave in the Middle East have brought to the fore the young and educated and old concerns regarding internal political problems. While this has changes the dynamic of local politics, will it also change the approach to foreign politics in general and to Israel in particular? Come join us to hear UT professors and graduate students debating various aspects of this question on Monday, 2/13, 12pm.

Kamran Aghaie (Associate Professor, Middle Eastern Studies)
Yoav Di Capua (Associate Professor, History)
Tarek El Ariss (Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern Studies)
Gideon Greif (Schusterman Visiting Professor, Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies)
Lior Sternfeld (Doctoral Student, History)

opening words:
Esther Raizen (Associate Dean for Research, COLA)

For more information, please contact Na'ama Pat-El. 

The Hebrew Circle

המעגל העברי

The Hebrew Circle will feature a speaker each week who will give an informal talk and lead a discussion on a topic of his or her choosing. The circle is open to all beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of Hebrew, as well as native speakers of Hebrew. It will be held on Thursdays  from 3-4pm in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies' Resource Room on the 6th Floor of the West Mall Building (WMB 6.146).

בכל שבוע יוביל את שיחת ה"מעגל העברי" נואם שונה. המעגל מיועד גם לסטודנטים לעברית מכל הרמות, ממתילים עד מתקדמים, וגם לדוברים ילידיים. המעגל ייפגש בכל יום חמישי משעה 3 עד 4 בספריית המחלקה ללימודי המזרח התיכון (WMB 6.146).

Sponsored by: Israel Studies, the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

נותני חסות: לימודי ישראל, המחלקה ללימודי המזרח התיכון, המרכז ללימודי המזרח התיכון

Thursday, 2/9: Ahmed Agbaria, PhD Student, Department of History
Politics and Culture

יום חמישי, 9.2: אחמד אגבאריה, סטודנט דקטורנט, המחלקה להיסטוריה
פוליטיקה ותרבות


Thursday, 2/23: Na'ama Pat-El, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Linguistics, Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Growing up Sane in a Kibbutz

יום חמישי, 23.2: נעמה פת-אל, פרופסור לבלשנות עברית, המחלקה ללימודי המזרח התיכון
גדלתי בקיבוץ רגיל


Thursday, 3/1: Mordechai and Cipi Ilai, Founders of Austin Nuts
An Israeli Family Business in the Lone Star State

יום חמישי, 1.3: מרדכי וציפי אלאי, מייסדי חברת גרעיני אוסטין
עסק משפחתי ישראלי בטקסס


Thursday, 3/8: Oren Bracha, Howrey LLP and Arnold, White & Durkee Centennial Professor in the School of Law
The Law of the Horse and I

יום חמישי, 8.3: אורן ברכה, פרופסור בפקולטה למשפטים
דיני הסוס ואני

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