Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

International Students

  • Immigration Briefing and Check-In (IBC):  All international students are required to check in with the International Office shortly after arrival on campus. While it's too early to schedule your individual appointment right now, make a note to visit this page in early July, when the system should become available. You will not be able to register for classes without an approved certificate of financial responsibility (CFR) and the IBC.
  • Attend the International Office orientation on Friday, August 15. Information will be added in July to the IBC page above.
  • International students are required to be medically insured at all times, from the beginning to the end of their status as a student. Please review the fees associated with this requirement. This FAQ is also helpful. There is also a $25/semester emergency medical evacuation fee that is charged to the tuition bill.
  • International students must pay the $100/semester ISSS Support Services Fee, as well as a $25/semester emergency medical evacuation fee. In the first semester, the student is additionally responsible for a $155 one-month gap insurance plan for August, which covers the student before the student insurance plan begins on September 01st. This is a one-time $155 charge. All of these items are charged to the fall semester tuition bill.
  • The above links, plus other information relevant to the start of the academic year, come from this page.

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