Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Fall 2015 Orientation, Advising, Language Placement

All events are REQUIRED unless otherwise notated.

Pre-Registration for incoming students (except international) June 10 -       July 17 Check RIS   Course Schedule
C+DMES Orientation (MES & MELC programs) Aug. 17 9 - 11 AM Calhoun 516, Reading Room General program requirements and course policies. Light refreshments served. Led by David Justh
C+DMES new employee       meeting Aug. 17 11 - 11:30 PM CAL 516
Required of students with TA/AI assignments. Discussion of tuition/health benefits
DMES: Group meeting Aug. 17 1 - 2 PM CAL 516 Professors Jo Ann Hackett, Karen Grumberg, Na'ama Pat-El, and David Justh
CMES: Group meeting Aug. 17 2 - 3 PM CAL 516 Professors Karin Wilkins, Blake Atwood, and David Justh
CMES: Individual advising Aug. 17 3 - 5 PM CAL 515 Specific times to be assigned
C+DMES: Language Placement Exam
Aug. 18 9 AM - 12 PM               9 AM - 12 PM MEZ 2.122 - Arabic                    MEZ 2.118 - Persian, Hebrew, Turkish Registration required. See here for complete information
CMES: Individual advising (cont.) Aug. 18 2 - 5 PM CAL 515 Professors Karin Wilkins, Blake Atwood, and David Justh
MES Library Orientation
Aug. 20 10 - 11 AM PCL 4.102 MES librarians: Dale Correa & Uri Kolodney
1st day of registration.     General schedule Aug. 21 starts 8 AM Online See your RIS to view access periods and identify remaining bars that prevent registration.
Graduate School orientation (optional)
Aug. 24 TBA TBA Orientation website
College of Liberal Arts TA Orientation Aug. 25 1-3 PM CLA 0.126 (map link) RSVP required. Also, see agenda. Required of new TAs + AIs in all areas.
1st class day Aug. 26      
4th class day: Tuition &     add/drop deadline Aug. 31 ends 5 PM   Classes dropped if tuition not paid by 5 PM. View bill and payment options.
Labor Day holiday Sept. 07     University closed
12th class day Sept. 11 ends 5 PM   Graduate Coordinators can add/drop until this date

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