Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Sigrid K. Kjær

Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible/ANE,

Sigrid K. Kjær



Hebrew Bible, Old Testament Exegesis, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Nabataean-Aramaic, Old South Arabian, Ancient North Arabian, Cultural Contact, pre-Islamic Arabia, Comparative Semitics.


MA (Research) in Hebrew Bible Studies, Leiden University, 2013
B.A.Theol, Aarhus University, 2011

I came to the University of Austin in the Fall of 2013 after finishing my Master’s degree at Leiden University. I am focusing on perfecting my skills in Hebrew Bible, Semitic linguistics and philology, but maintain a keen interest in Old Testament Exegesis.

My thesis at Leiden was on linguistic and cultural contact in the Nabataean-Aramaic legal scrolls found at Naḥal Ḥever, and so in recent years my interest has veered towards the pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula and the Dead Sea Region around the beginning of the Common Era. I continue to pursue classes and subjects related to this. Furthermore, I will be doing a portfolio in the field of Religious Studies to further broaden my degree. 

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