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Cash Advance Request for Research

General Requirements

•  All requests should be submitted on department letterhead.
•  If using CoLA accounts, please route to Gregory Halverstadt for review and signatures.
•  Person receiving the advance must be appointed/re-appointed during the time of this cash advance.
•  Account(s) must have sufficient funds available to cover the amount of the request.
•  The cash advance request should include the recipient’s name as it appears on their appointment and their UT EID.
•  Requests should be submitted to Dean’s office a minimum of 10 business days prior to the requested pick up date/when funds are needed.

Cash Advances for Research

Cash Advance Request Form
     Please be sure to provide purpose/justification for the study.
Summary Reconciliation Sheet
     Use this form to document payments of more than $450 per calendar year to individual research subjects and survey participants
Individual Receipt Form
     This form should be accompanied by the Summary Reconciliation Sheet
Multiple Participant Receipt Form
Use this form to document payments of less than $450 per calendar year to individual research subjects and survey participants


  • If there is no restriction on the account (i.e. open), then the cash advance request dates can span fiscal years
  • Dates of participant receipts must be within the dates requested on the cash advance request form
  • Requests cannot exceed more than 6 months at a time
  • Overlapping requests for the same study are not allowed
  • To find the appropriate signer for an account use the GBS screen in DEFINE

For any questions regarding Cash Advances please contact Gregory Halverstadt.

For more information on Cash Advances for Travel, please refer to the Handbook of Business Procedures.

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