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Cash Advance Request for Travel

Pre-Travel Preparation

•  First, request an RTA number through your CBS group using the online TAR request form.
- If you are in a department, please assign the RTA to your departmental contact.
- If you are in a unit serviced directly by CoLA CBS, please assign the RTA to your CBS contacts:
     Group 1 (Jessica Crawford, Greg Halverstadt)
     Group 2 (Amy McMillan, Matthew Smith, Andrew Beachum)
•  Complete the cash advance- travel request form online ten business days prior to travel. 
       Please do not request a cash advance more than 30 days prior to travel.
•  If you will be traveling to a restricted region, please forward your approval to your CBS contact
•  Your CBS contact will email you if any documentation is missing
•  You will receive an email when the request is taken to the Office of Accounting for final approval.
•  Once the check is ready for pick up in MAI 132, the cash advance recipient will be notified.
       Please bring a photo ID to pick up the check. 
       Checks are only released to the person named on the cash advance.
•  Please contact the CBS team if you plan to purchase any equipment prior to or during travel.

During travel

•  By accepting the cash advance, you are responsible for keeping all receipts.
•  If you will be paying a consultant, you must fill out a receipt for each individual (provided below)
   and include on your spreadsheet.        

Post travel

•  All receipts and documentation should be submitted to your CBS contact within 14 days of the end of travel. Please paperclip all receipts and place in an envelope. Please do not tape, highlight, or staple receipts. If receipts are in a language other than English, please provide proper translations.
•  Your CBS contact will email you if additional information is required.
       - Please note that if receipts presented are less than the total funds requested, the university requires
         you to submit a check to pay back the unused portion of funds.
       - If expenses exceed the cash advance, you will receive reimbursement after the reconciliation of
         documents is complete
       - Receipts presented must be within the dates noted on the cash advance.

For more information on Cash Advances for Travel, please refer to the Handbook of Business Procedures.


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