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LACS Recruiting Policies, Guidelines & Resources

Please review these policies and guidelines prior to registering with Liberal Arts Career Services. You will be asked to acknowledge and agree to these policies when you register with BTT Gateway [here]. All employers who partner with Liberal Arts Career Services to recruit UT Austin Liberal Arts Students must adhere to these policies.

Job & Internship Posting Guidelines
Recruiting Policies
Equal Opportunity Policy
NACE General Recruiting Guidelines
Event Marketing & Recruiting Timeline
Student's Responsibilities

I. Job & Internship Posting Guidelines

Organizations recruiting students and alumni of The University of Texas Austin can do so free of charge using our BTT Gateway recruiting system. All job/internship submissions are reviewed and approved/rejected based upon the information contained in the postings. Postings must adhere to the following criteria:

  • All jobs and internships posted must be career-related/professionally-oriented and require candidates pursuing or already possessing a university degree.
  • All companies and organizations posting job and/or internship opportunities must be hiring candidates for their own human resource needs (see Third-Party Policy below).
  • All recruiters must agree to the University’s nondiscrimination and equal opportunity policy detailed below.
  • Internship postings must meet the definition and criteria established for internships by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). For more information, please see the internship guidelines.
  • Positions requiring or asking interns/employees to promote/market products/services and/or collect student information on the UT Austin campus are prohibited. Examples include campus brand ambassador and similar positions.
  • Positions requiring a fee are prohibited. Examples include fee-based training programs, fee-based placements, and out-of-pocket work expenses, such as the purchase of supplies or a training kit.
  • Positions advertising events, services or programs (e.g., career fairs, test prep, mentorship programs, etc.).
  • In-home positions at personal residences are prohibited (e.g., caregiver, nanny and startup company positions that place students/alumni in residential homes).
  • All postings must include a professional website to help evaluate the opportunity and recruiters must use a professional/organization-related email address in the contact field (e.g., no gmail or yahoo accounts). Resumes should not be directed to a current UT Austin student email addresses (or any non-permanent staff member of the organization).
  • Employers posting internships must: not be remote or virtual; provide the resources, equipment, and facilities needed by the student to support learning objectives/goals; provide direct and regular supervision; and unpaid internships must meet the Department of Labor’s criteria for unpaid internships

Internship Guidelines: Liberal Arts Career Services welcomes career-related and professionally-oriented internships from any industry or sector. When evaluating internships posted in our BTT Gateway system for approval, we consider internship responsibilities, location, compensation, resources, supervision and credit eligibility. For details on these points, please visit our Recruiting Interns page.

II. Recruiting Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: Employment recruiters who wish to make use of the assistance, services and/or facilities offered by Liberal Arts Career Services at The University of Texas at Austin must comply with UT's Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and the additional Recruiting Policies and Guidelines outlined below.

Campus-Wide Recruiting Policies: The University prohibits recruiting in any public space on campus or in any room not specifically designated for recruiting activities. Examples of space properly designated for recruiting include the career center, rooms reserved for information sessions and career fair space. The following activities, which are considered on-campus soliciting, are prohibited outside of recruiting designated spaces:

  • Tabling in any UT public space, including the West Mall and the Texas Union.
  • Posting flyers or other marketing materials on any kiosk, bulletin board or public space on the UT campus.
  • Recruiting at student organization meetings - read more in the section below.
  • Recruiting in classrooms.
  • Distributing recruiting email blasts to students in the UT Austin directory; the College of Liberal Arts specifically also prohibits position email blasts to our administration, faculty and staff - please send all postings to Liberal Arts Career Services.
  • Collecting student information, including resumes, on campus.
  • Working with student groups, representatives, interns or ambassadors to recruit for your company/organization or to promote your opportunities, products or services to UT Austin students on campus.

Ambassadors/Student Representatives: UT students representing your company on campus share the same prohibitions and permissions as employer representatives.

For more help with campus-wide policies, please contact Monica Chartier, our Programs Manager, at or 512-471-7900.

Solicitation & Commercial Activity: The University prohibits employers and organizations from posting - and career centers from promoting - any fee-based opportunities. The University also prohibits companies and organizations from promoting or marketing free/no-cost opportunities that have not been pre-approved by the University. For example:

  • companies/organizations cannot promote fee/tuition-based internship programs or jobs that require students to purchase supplies or pay for training/certification.
  • companies/organizations cannot promote a free service, resource or product on campus that has not been pre-approved by The University.
  • companies/organizations cannot hire and/or place "brand ambassadors" or student workers on campus to market, brand or promote fee-based or free services, events, resources or products.
  • companies/organizations cannot collect student information on campus for any reason unless pre-approved by The University or in conjunction with a career center-authorized recruiting activity. 

In addition to UT Austin's solicitation policy, employers are also prohibited from posting positions which require students/employees to participate in commercial activity on campus, including taking photographs which may infringe on trademarks. If you have questions about UT's trademark policies, please contact Craig Westemeier, Director of Trademark and Licensing at

Student Organizations: The University prohibits recruiting at student organization on-campus meetings and events. Employers are prohibited from actively recruiting students; collecting resumes or other student information; sharing your information for the purpose of recruiting; tabling; or posting marketing material at these events on-campus.

However, student organizations may invite employer representatives to meetings so that the employer representative can share his/her story with the students; this should not involve recruiting. For example, an alumnus can visit a student organization meeting to share his story as a graduate of UT now working for X company. The alumnus can inform students that his company's job posting is available at the campus career center, but he cannot promote the job opportunity in any way.

For more help with student organization policies, please contact Monica Chartier, our Programs Manager, at or 512-471-7900.

III. Equal Opportunity Policy

This sample is provided for your review and/or use. Employers are welcome to provide their own statement. If you prefer to use your company statement, please contact the Programs Manager at 512-471-7900 or

Employment recruiters who wish to make use of the assistance and/or facilities offered by Liberal Arts Career Services at The University of Texas at Austin must agree with the following equal opportunity policies.

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin to provide an educational and working environment that provides equal opportunity to all members of the University community. In accordance with federal and state law, the University prohibits unlawful discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, including sexual harassment, age, disability, citizenship, and veteran status. Procedures for filing discrimination complaints on the basis of gender, including sexual harassment, are addressed by HOP Policy 4.B.2. Pursuant to University policy, this policy also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
UT Non-Discrimination & Equal Opportunity Site
HOP Policy 4.B.1: Nondiscrimination
HOP Policy 4.B.2: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to this policy in the operation of the Liberal Arts Career Services and the services of this office are available only to employers who conform to this policy in hiring. Any complaint that an interviewing employer does not conform to this policy with regard to hiring will be investigated to determine whether such practices have indeed occurred.

Students using the Liberal Arts Career Services are advised of their rights under federal law, and of the method for filing a complaint with the appropriate agency. Each interviewer should be familiar with the Liberal Arts Career Services procedures as well as the equal employment provisions of federal law.

By registering with Liberal Arts Career Services through your BTT Gateway account, you agree to the following statement: I have read and understand the above statement on the non-discrimination policy of The University of Texas at Austin and Liberal Arts Career Services. It is my intent to consider all applicants on the basis of merit and not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, including sexual harassment, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in compliance with the above policy.

The University of Texas at Austin - Office of Institutional Equity

The University’s Office of Institutional Equity has been empowered by the President of the University to investigate complaints of impermissible discrimination in employment related matters.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies, including but not limited to serving as the University's Title IX/ADA/504/Title VI and 1975 Age Discrimination Coordinator: Jennifer Maedgen, Senior Associate Vice President, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, (phone) 512-471-6259;; PO Box 7609, Austin Texas 78713. For more information, please visit the Office of Institutional Equity.

The office of the Dean of Students has primary responsibility for responding to questions about and receiving student complaints of discrimination of or by students. Students who believe they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation should consult with the Assistant Dean of Students. Additionally, students or employees may address questions or complaints to a department chairperson or other university administrative personnel within the department of administrative area in which such actions are alleged to be occurring. In such cases, the chairperson or administrator should immediately contact the Assistant Dean of Students or the Office of Institutional Equity for consultation.


Should you have any questions, please contact the Programs Manager at 512-471-7900 or

IV. NACE General Recruiting Guidelines

Principles for Professional Conduct: As part of the University's commitment to leadership in the area of ethics and professional conduct, we require employers utilizing Liberal Arts Career Services to adhere to employment laws and principles of professional practice, as outlined by the federal government and The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice, respectively. NACE's Principles for Professional Conduct

Reasonable Offer Deadlines: Liberal Arts Career Services prohibits exploding offers in conjunction with on-campus recruiting in the College of Liberal Arts. Offers must remain open for a minimum of three weeks in order to provide the student with the time needed to consider the offer. NACE's Reasonable Offer Deadlines Guidelines

Rescinding Offers: Liberal Arts Career Services strongly discourages rescinding internship or full-time job offers. If an employer must rescind an offer under exceptional circumstances, the employer should contact us so that we may facilitate the resulting conversation with the student. Likewise, students are strongly discouraged from reneging on an offer once accepted in writing. If a student reneges on an offer, please contact us so that we may contact the candidate. Reneging on offers is a violation of the terms of the LACS student agreement. NACE's Position Statement on Rescinded and Deferred Employment

Hold Harmless Agreements: The University of Texas at Austin will not enter into a hold harmless agreement or indemnity agreement with an employer hosting a UT student intern. In addition, LACS advises students not to sign hold harmless or indemnity agreements with internship host organizations. NACE's Hold Harmless Recommendations and Hold Harmless Case Study

Additional NACE Resources

Position Statement on Unpaid Internships
Common Questions About Internships (Employers)
Legal Q&A: What are some of the Legal Issues Surrounding Internships?
Legal Q&A: Interviewing and Hiring International Students
Legal Issues Surrounding Diversity Recruiting
NACE Knowledge Center
NACE Frequently Requested Links

V. Event Marketing & Recruiting Timeline

Recruiting Event & Information Session Marketing Timeline: Liberal Arts Career Services requires at least two weeks’ notice for reserving space and time for on-campus recruiting events. This ensures sufficient time to market the event to student attendees.

Timeline for On-campus Interviews: Liberal Arts Career Services requires that the application deadline for on-campus interviews is at least two weeks prior to the interview date. The resume collection timeline for Interview Schedules, including employer preselects, is as follows:

  • Application Open: Post date (if none provided, defaults to submit date)
  • Application Deadline: 2 weeks before interview day; must equal “Expiration Date” on the job posting
  • Pre-Selections Due Date: 1 week before interview day
  • Freeze Date/Time: Day before interview @ 4:00pm

VI. Student's Responsibilities

Offers: When a student accepts a job offer in good faith, he/she will fulfill commitments regarding that job offer and not consider other offers of employment.

Interview & RSVP Recruiting Event Cancellation & No-Show Policy: When participating in on-campus recruiting students will comply with the LACS Interview Policies:

  • Cancellations: Students will do their best to attend any scheduled interviews or RSVP events, but when absolutely necessary will cancel at least 2 business days prior to the interview.
  • No-Shows: A student is considered a no-show if invited for an interview and sign up for a time slot but fail to attend; do not cancel the interview time slot according to policy; or do not cancel the RSVP for an event.

Students who are noncompliant with either policy will be required to submit a letter of apology, which LACS will submit to the employer, and will lose access to on-campus recruiting for a period of time.

VII. Agreement

Failure to comply with any of these terms will result in the cancellation of your registration with LACS. For more information about these policies or for further direction to ensure you meet the requirements, please contact LACS at 512-471-7900.

By registering with BTT Gateway, you agree to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined above by Liberal Arts Career Services above.

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