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Did You Know That You Are One Of The Most Important Factors In Your Student's Career Decision-Making Process?

You can help your student get the most out of their time at UT by encouraging them to use the career offices early and frequently.

Liberal Arts students can make use of two career centers on campus.

 The Sanger Learning & Career Center provides career decision-making (counseling & assessment) services, and Liberal Arts Career Services provides career coaching as well as connections to the workplace (such as resume writing, practice interviewing, on-campus interviews, and job fairs). The career centers at The University of Texas at Austin are consistently ranked in the top ten across the nation according to Princeton Review. Our ranking in 2009 is #5 in the nation. To see more about Liberal Arts Career Services in the news, please check our media page.

The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

Parents are sometimes concerned about the "value" of a liberal arts degree. They worry that it doesn't lead to a specific career. Our experience shows that our graduates succeed in a variety of careers regardless of their major. And, yes, they do find jobs after graduation!

Liberal arts students are often asked, "What are you going to do with that major?" But that's the wrong question. The question to ask is, "What do you want to do? And how can you show through your degree and your experiences that you can do it?"

A liberal arts degree is timeless and eternally useful. Students don't have to worry about trends and try to speculate about the "best" preparation for their next 30 years or more in the workplace. A liberal arts degree will provide them with the basic skills and knowledge they need to develop their career. Very few students know exactly where they're going or what they will be doing in 4 years or 10 years or 20 years-- but students can think about what interests them generally and acquire summer jobs and internship experiences which will help them make up their minds. Our office can assist with this process.

Where Do our Graduates Go?

You might be surprised to know that the #1 career choice for liberal arts majors is business. About 1/3 of our graduates go directly to graduate, law, or medical school after graduation, but of those students who go directly to the workplace, 37% select a career in business and management. The career fields include finance and banking, consulting, publishing, advertising, and marketing & sales. Twenty-five percent go into government or law-related careers, 22% go into education (from preschool to higher education to teaching English as a second language abroad), 6% work in nonprofit settings, and 5% choose other options such as entrepreneurial ventures.

Choosing a Major

The College of Liberal Arts offers a variety of majors.

When it comes to selecting a major, our advice to students is:

  • Major in a subject which interests you and where you enjoy the reading and learning.
  • Major in the area where you like the professors.
  • Major in the area where you receive good grades (more likely if you've followed #1 and #2 above).
  • If you know the general career path or graduate school path you plan to follow, select a related major.

Where to Go from Here

Your son or daughter will have a chance to explore many paths over the next few years. Please encourage them to be creative, set goals, follow dreams, take chances, and even make mistakes-- so they can learn from them. They will all be the wiser for it.

Connections To Employers

Learn more about the many ways we help connect students to the workplace.

Interview Training
In addition to providing interviewing opportunities at career fairs and through on-campus recruiting, LACS provides interview practice and training for students. We offer workshops where students can practice finding the best answer to interview questions, and also one-on-one mock interviews where students can practice their interview technique with a career coach.

Pre-Law and Graduate School Advising
We have pre-law and graduate school advisors on staff who can assist your son or daughter with all aspects of the process from determining the post-graduate program they're seeking to preparing the essay for the application.

Credit-Based Career Development Classes
LACS offers several classes for liberal arts students ranging from one to three credits. Some of the courses are offered via the web so that students can obtain credit even when they are not here in Austin.

Resource Library
LACS' Resource Library is located in FAC 18 and is available to current liberal arts students, as well as alumni, to research, explore and study in a quiet environment. The Resource Library contains hundreds of books, various career-related and business publications and even offers four public computer workstations for students to conduct research. While students are not able to check out materials, they are able to visit the library between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday - Friday, as students do not need to schedule an appointment to visit.

Download our Family Weekend flyer for an overview of our services.

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