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Austin City Limits

Fall 2011

Student: Sociology Senior
Position: ACL Live - Marketing Intern

I intern at Austin City Limits Live for the marketing department three days a week. This is a branch of the Austin City Limits family, but is a different entity from the television show Austin City Limits and Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival. ACL Live is a concert venue that hosts and promotes its own concerts, approximately 60-100 each year, and is also the new home of the Austin City Limits television tapings. 

I coordinate and interact daily with the marketing coordinator who works under the marketing director. Occasionally, I will directly assist the marketing director on a project or task as needed. Each day’s tasks variy greatly depending on whether there is a show that night or not. If it is not a show day, I usually do work related to an upcoming show or general administrative tasks. If it is a show night, I usually will be there all afternoon, evening and night. During the afternoon, I’ll work on wrapping up all necessary work, usually the ad pack, for the show that night. It has to be done by then because at the end of the night, the artist’s management walks away with it. Then there’s also working the show, which can sometimes go by smoothly or worst case scenario, chaos ensues. Usually when chaos erupts, unforeseen situations and just pure bad luck are the cause. Chaos can be fun, it makes things interesting.

So as for my daily routine at ACL Live it usually depends on one factor: whether or not it’s a show night. If it isn’t a show night, I do a lot of filing on these days. Filing is important! Each show has its own file for invoices, important emails, any sort of communication regarding that particular show. It’s imperative to have a hard copy to keep documentation just in case something comes up in the future. The marketing coordinator and I will occasionally have impromptu brainstorming sessions about marketing strategies, more along the lines of guerilla marketing. These sessions result in finding location for handing out flyers or finding locations for a register-to-win. That said, that’s usually and activity we save for “no-show” days. This also required us to have a car to drive to different locations to hand out these promotional tools.

Spring 2009

Student: Linguistics Senior
Position: Production Assistant/Intern

An internship as a Production Assistant for “Austin City Limits” has various responsibilities. There really is no typical day at ACL, and the internʼs duties vary from day to day.

On a typical office day, the first thing I do is go check the mail. I then sort it out and distribute it. When I get to the Intern Office, I check the voicemail, and forward them to the appropriate people. I answer and direct phone calls throughout the day. After that, I perform whatever duties are assigned to me. It varies from day to day. I have done research from the archives, interview transcriptions, tape labeling, and copying/mailing materials out.

On taping days, my main responsibility is Artist Hospitality. I have to prepare the dressing room with everything that the artist has requested on the rider. It is crucial that we get the artist exactly what they requested. Other than that, an intern has to be available through the entire taping day, to assist the Producer with whatever they need done to ensure the taping goes well. Sometimes we are asked to type up Set Lists, make copies, go on beer runs, etc. During the actual taping, we are encouraged to roam around and observe in the Control Room, backstage, in the studio, or the Sound room.

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