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Deep Eddy Spirits

Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: English, Sophomore

A day in the life of a marketing internship at Deep Eddy Vodka is hard to explain, at least in terms of describing one day in the life. What would be more appropriate would be to describe the internship in two parts: the office, and the field.

A day in the office includes conducting market research on major and local competition. Relevant market information includes annual volume and revenue generated by competitors, effective advertising campaigns, and efficient marketing strategies; gathering this information and charting it on an excel sheet. Packaging and sending samples of product to bloggers and magazine writers takes up a lot of the intern’s time, as well as assembling donation baskets for special events and charities. The field part of the job is harder work, but more exciting. This includes loading up the Volkswagen bus with the bar/s, cases of product, bar mats, bar tools, cups, lemons, limes, club soda, and then driving to the event, speaking with the event coordinator, setting everything up, making sure we look reputable and that the event runs smoothly while also acting as a face for the company, then breaking everything down and loading it back into the bus.

Fall 2011

Student: Economics Sophomore
Position: Marketing Intern

A typical day as an intern for Deep Eddy Spirits can’t easily be described because of the variety of activities that come up for the intern to do. No day was ever the same; I had something new to work on pretty much every day. From researching about marketing strategies for DE to setting up events, I was always excited to go to work to see what was in store for that particular day.

The most common task for an intern at Deep Eddy is usually helping out with the scheduling, preparation, and execution of events. These events range from an ACL tent set up where we served free drinks all weekend, and had a great time while we were at it, to sponsoring fashion shows or football tailgates. Finding the necessary permits to be able to sponsor these events, setting up our Deep Eddy station and/or tailgate, and coordinating with the people or companies who want to be sponsored by us takes a lot of work. As an intern, it is your job to assist the Field Marketing Manager in making sure that these events go smoothly. For example, having bartending licenses at certain events is crucial and it is necessary to make sure that all who will be serving have these licenses. The events can be a lot of fun, but require sufficient preparation in order to not go down in flames under the hand of the TABC or other code enforcement agencies.

Another crucial task that interns at Deep Eddy participate in is spreading the Deep Eddy brand name as much as possible. For the company to expand, it is critical that we get as many people exposed to our brand name as possible. As an intern, you can use outlets like facebook and twitter to help promote events, giveaways, and general information about our products. Also, networking with other companies who need liquor sponsors is essential. We are always looking for new customers who can help us advertise, and meeting people who know others who could buy our product for their event is something that an intern for Deep Eddy can do to help out the company.

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