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Emmis Austin Radio

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Promotions Intern
Student: Anthropology Junior

Working at 101X is a pretty sweet experience. If you are an intern in the fall you get a wristband for ACL and if you are an intern in the spring you get a wristband for SXSW. To be honest it’s really not too strenuous but overall it is a great experience. You get to know lots of people immediately. Everyone is really friendly and likes to joke around.

I was in the promotion department so on the day to day I would prepare prize boxes for different remotes we would do. I also would participate in some of the remotes including Anti Valentine’s day at Plucker’s as well as working at Buffalo Billiards where we interviewed lots of artists at SXSW. I was able to get close and personal with the likes of Citizen Cope and Temper Trap (two of my favorite bands). Some other things that are required of you is calling winners and getting their info in the system so we are able to get them their tickets. I also updated the concert calendar everyday as well as add different events to the calendar. My boss taught me how to create proposals that we would send to bands where we would request a certain amount of tickets and in return they would get us to promote them via the concert calendar as well as text bounce backs etc. You also are not just a promotions intern. The company really wants you to get a feel for everything. You are encouraged to sit in with anyone you want from the sales department to the production and even the morning show.

Overall my experience at 101X was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who likes music and enjoys meeting fun and interesting people. You will have a blast and learn a lot about the radio industry. (It’s actually pretty complicated). This internship works well if you have a very busy school schedule to begin with!

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Digital Media Intern
Student: Economics Sophomore

When I first began at Emmis Austin in the digital media department I did not know exactly what to expect.  My first day I was overwhelmed with the amount of new people I was introduced to and a full tour of the entire building. Everyone was so welcoming, it definitely eased my nervousness. After the first two weeks of learning the ropes of what I would be doing daily, weekly and monthly I was quickly sucked into the swing of things.

My official internship description and responsibilities include: gaining experience with various types of interactive advertising (texting, web, email, video, display, and social media), assisting the Digital Project Manager in campaign execution, using Doubleclick software for ad serving and reporting, utilizing media measurement tools to develop web analytics and other data to drive key insights and strategies, making mock-ups in Photoshop for Account Executives to present to clients, helping develop success stories and presentations for client pitches, and Writing copy and scheduling on-air promos.

On a daily basis my schedule consists of a four-hour work day at Emmis. I go into the office to my own desk with everything I need and first check my email for any tasks I need to do that my supervisor requested of me. Usually it will be retrieving stats from Google analytics or creating a mock up for a client proposal. Once I have completed those I check the synced banner streaming requests that get emailed to me and see when they need to be turned in and if we already have a banner ad listed for that client. (Normally I check with Anastasia on that) Once I have completed that I continuously check in with my supervisor where she gives me tasks to do or let me know when a meeting is that I can sit in on. There is a weekly digital meeting that I go to every Thursday where my supervisor leads a small team of employees for an hour or so about what is going on this week; projects they will be working on and local and corporate financial goal standing of the company. I also attend an EMG meeting once a month to catch up on events that will be going on soon and any major or minor details that need to be addressed throughout the entire department. Every Friday I come in and update the pending report that is sent out weekly that helps with calculating the company’s financial goals.

I am definitely kept busy everyday and never have to do busy work and have enjoyed every second being in the office surrounded by amazing people.

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: University of KGSR Intern
Student: Plan II Junior

At the University of KGSR, interns take part in a variety of activities, acquiring skills necessary to be successful in the creative side of the broadcast industry. The internship is loads of fun; you work in a lax work environment, meet fascinating and interesting people ranging from your supervisor to co-workers to talent, and truly have your own input when involved in the program. With this internship though comes great responsibility. An intern must be focused and disciplined in order to get work accomplished. In the University of KGSR, my “Day in the Life” went something like the following:

Voice Track Training—Every other day, I would go into the studio and record my talk breaks to be broadcast onto 93.3 HD2 The Music Lounge. Depending on how quick or slow I was with the recordings, I could be in the studio for 30 minutes to 2 hours. Over the course of the 12 weeks, the 2 hours became 30 minutes.

On-Air Prep—Before voice-tracking, I would have to prep what I want to say for my talk breaks. It is very important to prep because that could be the difference between staying in the studio for 2 hours or 30 minutes. I would search the news online, navigate artist webpages, and draw experiences and activities from my personal life to aid me with these talk breaks.

Attending Remotes—Occasionally, I would attend a remote or an offsite talent gig to see artists perform and help KGSR with promoting the station. This spring semester, I attended the KGSR Live Broadcast from the W during SXSW and helped orchestrate the VIP section as well as met with different artists like Nakia, Bob Schneider, and Fun..

Radio Information Sessions—Throughout the semester, I would learn from my supervisor and other co-workers about the radio industry including the Arbitron Rating System, which songs are played on the radio and why, and the sales/business side to the radio industry.

I highly encourage anyone to take part in an internship like this one; you will learn a lot and have a great time doing it!

Fall 2011

Position: MorningX Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

I am an on-air intern with the radio station KROX’s (101.5 FM) morning show with Jason and Deb. A branch of Emmis Communications, a transnational media corporation, owns the radio station. The branch, Emmis Austin Radio, operates seven radio stations, including KROX. I intern two days a week, for roughly seven hours a day. I arrive on site at 5:30 in the morning and leave around 12:30 in the afternoon. When I arrive in the morning I help set up audio equipment, such as the sound effects machine, headphones, and audio recording equipment. I also get Jason and Deb water, coffee, and their morning newspaper as well as make a list of prizes they will give away during the show.

When the show starts I have two primary tasks that alternate during the week (both which require constant attention to the show), editing the recorded audio for the podcasts or writing the blog. While writing the blog I’m in studio and I look up additional information for the show such as news articles for the news segments or trivia for the various games played throughout the show. If I’m editing audio I work in the jock lounge with other show’s interns and producers. I’m still responsible for finding news and trivia, and also for screening phone calls, collecting listener information, and any other various tasks needed throughout the show.

These are the basic responsibilities I have every day at KROX’s morning show. However, the show is live and the content is always new, so there is something unique and challenging every day.

Spring 2010

Position: No Control Programming Intern
Student: Classics Senior

My internship site was at Emmis Austin Radio, specifically working underneath the direct supervision of Chuck Loesch. He is a studio engineer during the day for Emmis, and on Fridays he hosts a specialty show called “No Control” on 101.5X FM. Assignments and tasks vary from week to week depending on what needs to be done. This ranges from simple office tasks such as filing to surfing/filtering through the internet for relevant news pieces. Aside from this, interning at Emmis also gives you a good insight on what the radio world behind the scenes is really like. Examples of this are seeing how automated broadcasts are run, how studios are built, and how the executives upstairs make the decisions affecting every second of the radio we listen to.

The main task interning for “No Control” is finding relevant news pieces to be broadcasted during the air and put on blog spots on the shows website. This task is mundane, yet provides somewhat of a challenge as I’ve got to filter through countless articles on the internet pertaining only to what’s specifically played on the show. Finding a news piece for the majority of our audience is tough, since our audience’s tastes are varied as again this is a specialty show. Any help setting up future studios is also done if needed to be as well. If documents need to be filed such as band biographies or photos or music reviews, this is also done as well.

On top of this are home assignments consisting of music reviews of albums about to be released and featured on “No Control”. These get posted on the blog. Friday nights are when our broadcast goes on, and that’s when I’m in the booth again assisting Chuck with the necessary things, such as loading CDs, assembling playlists, looking up lyrics and band biographies, answering the phone, running the board, etc. It’s a fun, detailed, process that is extremely rewarding knowing that you’re presenting a personality to everyone listening.

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