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HillCo Partners

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Government Sophomore
Position: Intern

Spending time as an intern at HillCo Partners is a governmentally focused, liberal arts student’s dream job. You can be sitting in the office of Texas Monthly’s “Second Most Powerful Man in Texas” while he gives you a project to work on. Oh and by the way, the “Second Most Powerful Man in Texas” is your boss. While you and Buddy Jones discuss your new project, his i-Phone rings. It’s probably the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House, or one of HillCo’s many multi-billion dollar clients calling for advice. As a 19 year old from a small town in West Texas, it doesn’t get much more exciting than spending a summer interning from the Texas political “bully pulpit” of HillCo Partners.

I begin my day by checking my HillCo email account to see if I’ve been assigned any projects before I arrived at work. If I have been assigned a project, then I work on that. If not, then I look for potential projects that I can work on. At around 1:45 in the afternoon, the receptionist goes to lunch. That means one of the interns answers the phone at the reception desk for the hour and a half that the receptionist is out of the office. After the receptionist returns to the office, the interns continue working on projects, running errands, picking up items, or depositing checks. The interns are also charged with cleaning up the conference rooms after meetings, and cleaning the kitchens for which there are three. It is a bit amusing that all the interns initially dodge the kitchen duty until we are all summoned for it. The game is, “How long does it take for the administrative staff to make us do the dishes?”

The work and the projects vary, but if an intern keeps getting projects assigned to them, it means that the employees like the job that the intern is doing. In that sense, projects are a reward for good work and a good attitude. And it is for that reason; I try to keep my day packed with projects!

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