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IGN Entertainment

Spring 2010 Site Review

Position: Editorial Intern
Student: English Senior

Working as an editorial intern at IGN is mainly focused on writing, but the experience varies depending on who you are writing for. Interns that are specifically assigned to sections of the website will have more focused work, a boss, and a chance to become more immersed in that industry. Interns that are simply available for the entire editorial team will be given left over jobs, like transcribing and writing minor articles, because they aren’t expected to have specific knowledge.

The internship site is located in Beverly Hills. Parking is free and being part of Fox Interactive Media has some perks, like being able to visit the Fox lot to watch free movies. It’s an expensive area, so bringing your own lunch will save you hundreds of dollars.

A daily routine involves coming in between 9 and 10 AM, attending a short meeting where the editors list their main articles for the day, and then working on small news articles or researching features for the majority of the day. Most of the sections on the website have a podcast, which is usually recorded once a week. There are also a few opportunities to get out of the office to attend press events. Editors stay at the office until 5 or 6 pm, but depending on how much work there is, you can usually leave earlier.

My role as an intern at the Gear section was essentially as a staff writer. All of my work appeared on the website, and I was never asked to work in the background maintaining databases or editing other writers’ work. Other than delivering content quickly, there weren’t responsibilities, though I was discouraged from incorporating too much of an opinion in most of my writing, except in the case of reviews.

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