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Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: Government Relations Intern
Student: Government Senior

What is there to be said about interning with the Lance Armstrong Foundation?  If you get the opportunity, do not turn it down, and make the most of it, because the experience is incredible!  Let’s start with the building itself.  LAF moved into their new home a little over a year ago and it is beautiful!  An old paper manufacturing warehouse, it was renovated in a totally “green” manner with tons of reused materials and natural sunlight.  Everyone, including the amazingly nice CEO, has a spacious cubicle office to go along with the “no closed doors” mentality around the office.  The staff is comprised of around 80 employees and between 40 and 60 volunteers at any given time (including interns). 

Everyone is great and the Foundation wants you to be a part of everything they have to offer.  They hold a speaker series monthly where food and drinks are provided, as well as group outings and happy hours that the interns are welcome at.  Everyday you are greeted by friendly faces, and there is always someone new to meet.  They have interns and volunteers sign in an out everyday and they will track your hours for you, giving you a certificate at the end of your service with the total.  There is an intern room with computer workspaces that are assigned when you begin.  You are given a Foundation email address and an extension that can be accessed from any phone – needless to say, the services are great.  Your mentor/supervisor is your best friend, I have never heard anyone speak poorly of theirs.  They assign your daily duties and invite you to relevant meetings (they also take you out to lunch on your last day, which is always nice to a college student).  They tell you at the beginning that the internship experience is what you make of it, and they mean it.  While it is necessary to do the assignments they give you, they love your input and when you can generate your own project ideas.  All in all, I highly recommend LAF.  They are understanding of student schedules and most importantly, they treat you as if you are doing them the favor by volunteering your time, not the other way around.  A mutually beneficial relationship is a beautiful thing!

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