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Lilly and Company

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Government Senior
Position: Intern

Lilly and Company is a political fundraising, grassroots, and consulting firm based in downtown Austin, Texas. As part of our targeted fundraising services, we develop and implement an integrated strategy that includes donor recruitment and planning of small and large fundraising events. As a part of our grassroots services, we develop a comprehensive plan that explains the proposed problem, and then we recruit a coalition of supporters and spokespersons who can effectively communicate a consistent message detailing the proposed solution to media and legislators. As part of our consulting services, we design a comprehensive communications, public relations, and legislation strategy to fit the needs of our clients and help them succeed. We monitor statewide legislative activities to identify current and future concerns that may affect our client's interests.

Because of the multi-faceted nature of the work that is done, interns are required to have exceptional organizational and professional skills. At the beginning of each day, there is normally a considerable about of mail to be sorted – both electronic and traditional. We oversee the handling of all fundraising event invitations, and normally the task of sorting the mail falls to the interns. There is also a large volume of invitations that must be printed, stuffed, stamped, and mailed – and the interns are usually responsible for these tasks as well.

However a great deal of time (around 60%) is spent on the phone. Event invitees must be contacted to ensure they have received their invitations, and that they are planning on attending each event. All in all, about 300 phone calls can be made in a day for each intern.

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