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San Antonio Living

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Congressional Intern
Student: Government Senior

A Day in the Life at San Antonio Living
I work at the leading and NBC affiliated news station in San Antonio, TX where I was born and raised while I come to school here at UT Austin. Even though the drive at times is tiresome interning at News4 WOAI for the San Antonio Living Show has been worth every fill up at the gas tank.

I work on a live television show that covers entertainment, lifestyle, self-help, and news material. It is exactly everything I love combined into one on live television. I have always grown up watching the news on News 4 and to work there was an amazing experience since I always looked forward to work.

On the living show I put together the various guest list for the show that was going to be filmed at that day. After making the guest list, I would then wait for the guest to arrive at the station and take care of them, assist them with things, and lead them to the green room where I would talk to them and check their information so it would come out correct when it would air on the show.

Taking care of the various guests that arranged from local musicians, eateries, talent, business owners, and doctors allowed me to meet a number of different, amazing, and interesting people. Since I’m a people person I loved this part of the job and I always learned something new everyday. I would help mic up the guests and set them in position when their segment was about to come on air and made sure everything would run smoothly with them.

I worked directly with the executive producers and the host of the show and was treated with respect and get along well with our team. It made going to work fun and something to look forward to since I would much rather be at work than at school.

Often I would get to write short news articles on segments that appeared on the show and got to go out and interview people for various news segments. With always wanting to be a reporter or an entertainment person and with the fact it was live television, this job was everything I could have asked for.

The free amazing food wasn’t so bad either.

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