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Texas General Land Office

Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: GIS Intern
Student: Geography Senior

During the 2010 summer I had a great opportunity to participate in the Texas General Land Office internship program as a GIS intern. I was involved mainly in their Coastal Resource Program and had the opportunity to work closely with GIS personnel. I had a really good experience in my short time with them. I joined their team of two full-time employees there and two other interns from other universities that were there for the summer just as I was.

The typical day as a GIS intern was to work on map that have been requested either from someone in our agency or for other agencies. In the beginning of the internship we work very much in-group settings. All the interns would receive the map request and be given some suggestions on what we should have on the map. And from there we would begin to work on the project that we received. The two interns and I would think about what is the best way to visual the information that was requested with the most up to date and most accurate information. I had a lot of hands on experience during this internship, which was great because I learned a lot. It was a great internship because I was not given mediocre or unrelated tasks but I was part of the GIS team. I was trusted to have the projects done by the deadline given to the fellow interns and me. I trusted and they can full confidence that I was able to do my job.

When we were not working on map requests we would be working in building a database for the agency. The database has been an on going process and they briefed us on the purpose of the database. Then they would instruct us on what they need us to do. There was much help given to us by them, because neither I or the other interns were familiar with how to add to the database and the data that was presented to us.

A good thing about the internship was that even though we were given the responsibility to do the projects and were briefed on the projects and then left to do the projects they still helped us when we needed it. If we could not remember how to do something they would assist us. They really wanted us to treat the internship as a learning experience. They both were very helpful.
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