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Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Mark Shelton

Spring 2010 Site Review

Position: Capitol Legislative Intern
Student: Government Senior

While interning with Representative Mark Shelton at Texas Capitol my duties include office organization, scheduling, and legislation research. Representative Shelton is a member of the House Public Education and his office was assigned interim charges. These charges were my main responsibility, working on our Public Education research. My internship coordinator has taken every opportunity to further introduce me to the structure of the capitol, ranging from their process of proofing bills to the Capitol supply store. Through this experience I have gained much knowledge about the governmental system and the society it thrives in.

A Day in the Life at my Internship: I arrive at the office and check voicemail and my own email. If there are no pressing issues I begin working on pulling the clips (articles from Texas newspapers that affect our office and constituents and any other relevant news). After finishing the clips I check in the Chief of Staff for any pressing assignments he might have. These may include a constituent case, a scheduling issue, or meetings to attend. Scheduling is first priority; therefore, I gather all the information needed and attend to the office schedules. Following scheduling, I address any constituent issue I may be working on. The remainder of my day is reserved for research and the occasional meeting. When researching I often start with statute. It is much easier to understand an issue when you know what the law actually says. After reading statute I typically turn to resources our office already has, or contact another state agency in order to better understand the issue I am researching. After gleaning all the information I can from state sources I turn to credible articles I can find online. After fully understanding and researching an issue I discuss my findings with my Chief of Staff, and we then collectively make a decision on what needs further information.

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