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Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Rene O. Oliveira

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: State Offices and Committee Assistant
Student: Philosophy/Psychology Senior

A “Day in the Life” of my job as a legislative/policy assistant for State Representative Rene Oliveira encompasses many different aspects involved in the Legislative Session. These tasks and responsibilities would include: drafting and editing bills and analysis, writing correspondence letters, coordinating constituent meetings, organizing schedules, and fulfilling any secretarial duties necessary for my supervisor and boss. As an assistant it is important to remember that you are there to be professional, helpful, and efficient. This maintains that one has to be creative, on call, and prompt.

What does it take to become an intern at the House of Representatives? If a student really wants to intern with a state representative, the qualifications and requirements are vary often from office to office. So as a general principle, students should call the representative’s office and talk to the staffers in charge of internships. They will outline and detail what they need to determine whether you would be a good fit for the office. Although, they will usually ask for a cover letter, resume and interview.

What does an internship at the Texas House of Representatives entail? It trains students and interns in first, understanding the process of legislation. How does a bill pass into law, what does the majority vote entail, what does it take to win other representatives’ support for your bill? These are all questions that interns learn the answer for. After this education- that realistically happens throughout the intern’s whole experience- the application of that knowledge to real things that will be used in the representative’s office, whether it is for the state or the home district. The internship aims to breed three fundamental characteristics in the intern: initiative, competence, and strong speaking and writing skills. These are all qualities and skills that will further the intern’s experience at the internship and in other jobs or internships afterward.

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