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Robert Vega, Director FAC 18 / 2304 Whitis Ave. Stop G6200 78712-1508 • 512-471-7900

Transworld International Services

Summer 2009 Site Review

Student: Psychology Senior
Position: Intern

Transword is a translation company based in Barcelona, Spain whose main purpose is to translate documents to and from Castellano (Spanish), Catalán, French, German, English and Italian. Their interns come from some of the best translation programs in Europe and from various countries. They range from ages 20-35 and have the possibility of hire once the internship is finished. Our duties ranged from document formatting on Microsoft word, to specific translation software usage, to rough drafting of translation documents to translation revision etc. All interns translated foreign languages into their own native tongue. On occasions where demand is slow, we will be given exercises to do instead which consists of already translated documents to translate and compare later.

Day in the life:
4:00 PM – Arrive to office. We are all usually immediately greeted by Vale, the supervisor, who has divided up work for us to translate or format. Depending on the assignment and your judgment of what is necessary for the task, the task can last from 1-3 hours.

6:00 PM – Once an assignment is finished, I send it over to Vale who will review it. If Angie, the head boss, gave me an assignment different from the other interns, I will go into her office, notify her, and we will go over the finished product together. Once she feels this is enough, we will either be given an exercise to do, glossary to create or organize, document to be formatted or reviewed. In special busy cases, another translation will be assigned.

8:00 PM – Everyone checks their work, sends it off to Vale for her to revise at home or send off to Angie. Work is done for the day.

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