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UN-Organización Argentina de Jóvenes para las Naciones Unidas (OAJNU)

Summer 2008 Site Review

 Government and Spanish/Plan I Senior
 OAJNU International Relations Intern

OAJNU is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching children the importance of leadership and responsibility. It spreads the UN principles of peace and cooperation by organizing several projects including a model UN conference.

During my time at OAJNU, I was supposed to help organize the conference and work with the students to teach about the UN and different countries. Unfortunately, the internship was not as challenging as I hoped, and I did not get to interact with the students much. Part of the problem was because they had scheduling conflicts or vacation during my internship time.

On the other hand however, I learned a lot about the UN and international relations in general. I researched various themes like anti personal mines and human rights so I could help the students learn about their country and its views on these issues. I read books about the UN, and I now have a firm about understanding of the structure and role of the UN in our society.

The people at OAJNU are also incredibly friendly. Everyone is between the age of 18 and 26 so they all become your friends. I even attended my boss’s 23rd birthday at a club! All the people I worked with were incredibly eager to help me in any way possible, and I always felt comfortable around them. While some of the people in the organization do speak English, most of them talk to you only in Spanish. I practiced speaking Spanish at work every day, and my listening and speaking abilities improved drastically.

Interning at OAJNU has its positive and negative aspects. It is a great place to make friends and learn about the UN. The office is located in downtown and is open for only 2 hours every day. Most of your hours come from meetings and research done on your own time. While the people are amazing, the work load is non existent. I enjoyed my time interning there, and I met some incredible people, but I wish I had been challenged more.

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