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Watson M. Howell, Jr. P.C.

Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: Legal Assistant
Student: Government Junior

My internship is titled “Legal Assistant” and has been and invaluable experience for me. My responsibilities include many things including paying bills, basic accounting using QuickBooks, proofreading legal documents, basic legal research, compiling research into cohesive court documents, filing court documents, speaking with judges and District Attorneys about client’s cases, updating clients on the status of their cases and other various oddball assignments.

My office is on the corner of 11th Street and Nueces Street, cattycornered to the Travis County Courthouses. The office has been a great experience due to the friendliness of nearly all the employees and attorneys there. I have been treated with respect from day one and was never treated inferior due to me simply being a student intern. I got along very well with everyone and never had any personal issues with anyone.  Mr. Howell (the attorney that I was an assistant to) is a great guy and is extremely friendly and understanding. Although he did expect quite a bit of me, he never made it feel like too much pressure and never got angry with me if I made a mistake.

A typical “Day in the Life” of my internship began around noon every weekday. At my desk, which was next to Mr. Howell’s, was a box that all my assignments were placed in. As soon as I got there I would always go through everything in my box and place the items in order of priority.  I would always do anything law related first, as those were first priority due to the many deadlines that came up everyday. I would very often walk over to the courthouse and go file documents and/or speak with judges (or their clerks) about changing/setting court dates for my attorney. After that I would usually have some assignments, which would consist of me doing some basic legal research that would sometimes require me to put together some legal documents via outlines or do some proofreading. The rest of a typical day would consist of me doing various odd jobs including paying office bills, cataloging credit card charges and entering office financials onto QuickBooks. My day would end whenever Mr. Howell told me to go home which would be anytime between 4 and 6, but would usually end around 4:30.

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