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Yoga Journal Magazine

Summer 2009 Site Review

Student: Humanities Junior
Position: Editorial Intern

My internship with Yoga Journal has been rewarding and informative; a true learning experience and practice in the yogi principle of dharma; duty (work). Dharma can be defined and interpreted in many different ways, and in the context of working at Yoga Journal, one’s dharma is one’s obligation to contribute his/her part to the whole—in this case, the final production of each issue of Yoga Journal magazine. I have learned how each editor and member of the art production team works on his/her specific assignments, which are then put together into an artistic masterpiece of prose and design. My specific contributions varied from day to day, which gave me a unique and varied perspective on the magazine’s production techniques.

Each day, I would check-in with my supervisor (Kelle Walsh—the managing editor) to see what tasks, if any, she had laid out for me. I would also check-in with the rest of the editorial team to see what projects, if any, I might need to complete for the day or week. My tasks were as follows: filing, organizing back-issue binders, reading books for potential review in the magazine/writing reviews, researching various products to feature in the magazine, phoning companies to request product samples for potential review, researching upcoming yoga festivals, fact checking articles, printing and filing model photos, mailing magazine issues to individuals featured in the magazine and/or writers, thinking up story ideas and topics for potential publication in the magazine, and organizing products that come in for review. In addition, on Tuesday mornings, I would attend the editorial meeting where all editors gathered to discuss how far along each person was on his/her individual projects, and how far along the overall magazine was in production. In this meeting, we would overview the three most upcoming issues, to make sure that production was running smoothly, and that all editors were on the same page. I valued these meetings, and the projects I was given, as they gave me a perspective on both magazine production, and the philosophy and practice of yoga.

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