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Hotze Runkle

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Hotze Runkle is located at 8th and Congress, which is convenient for students living on or close to the UT campus. Interns are scheduled an average of 15 hours a week at times that are convenient for them. During my time at Hotze Runkle, there were interns who worked as few as eight hours, as well as those who worked full time. This semester I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I took the bus every morning to get to work at 8:30.

Walking into the firm was the best part of work. Everyone is incredibly friendly and cheery, and they congregated around the lobby or break rooms with breakfast that the partners/employees usually provided (I have had more than my share of Starbucks coffee, breakfast tacos, and confections that people brought in). Work didn’t really start until 8:45…

There was a large intern room that I worked in before the second round of intern hiring. Afterward, I moved to my own desk in a separate intern room (the firm expanded halfway through my working there). I loved having my own space to work in because it made me feel like less of an intern. I was given my own computer, as well. After fifteen minutes of catching up on emails, I usually checked the settlements room for my day-to-day duties (I would get an email from someone in the settlements department if they had another assignment that day).

My duties included data entering affidavit packets, scanning and separating them, filing, mailing, and Verus uploading. There was always something to do. Data entering was the most complicated thing I learned, but it also contributed to how much I learned about individual trusts and the legal process of filing claims. Verus uploads were my first big project (after I got used to the rest). These simply involved uploading specific trusts online to start the process of getting clients money. These tasks seem bland, but time goes by fast because you’re working with other interns. I started working in investigations recently, where I actually got to speak to clients. You want to do whatever you can to help them.

Hotze Runkle’s company culture is the reason I would recommend interning there. It’s intern work at the end of the day, which isn’t always exciting, but everyone is so relaxed, kind, and helpful. The partners talked to me about law school every now and then, which made me feel as if they truly cared about me. I was able to ask for advice from them, and I’m leaving with a completely different outlook on the legal field.

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