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Integrated Financial Planning Center

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Finance Intern
Student: Economics Junior

A typical day as intern at IFPC would be arriving in the afternoon around 1 p.m. after my morning classes.  I’d walk in say hi to everyone in the office and then proceed to the intern desk.  I would then log in and maybe check my email or read a story on CNN.  Then after I am settled in I would start my work for the day.

I had some remedial repetitive tasks that I’d take care of everyday.  The company is small so there are always things that need to be done.  In other words, their goals for the company are always ahead of the work getting done to get there.  This is motivating because I like that IFPC is always pushing forward.

My main purpose as intern was to help the full-time employees with whatever they were working on. Clients want to know where there money is going and if it is growing.  I would help prepare financial documents for annual and quarterly client meetings.  This mostly meant looking up investments on Morningstar and then organizing a portfolio that included data and charts of how their investments were performing.  I enjoyed this the most as I felt I was helping the company help their clients. 

For the most part, the everyday life of an intern at Integrated Financial Planning Center was a good experience.  Of course there were slower days and busy days but the staff is really kind and very helpful to the interns.  You will never feel too pressured to do anything and the staff is always willing to lend a hand.

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