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Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Sales & Marketing Intern
Student: English Senior

Working for a tech startup company in Austin means things aren’t as defined and there aren’t as many rules that are typically associated with an internship for a larger company. My contract stipulated that I work at least 20 hours a week, but my boss and the President of the company were extremely flexible about how those 20 hours were made. For a while I would come into the office at 9AM simply because my boss preferred I work earlier in the morning, but if I needed to come in later in the afternoon or needed to take some time in the middle of the afternoon, it was usually not a problem.

Personally, I liked coming in at 8AM, which usually meant it was just me and the President of the company who had the seat across from me at the table. The work environment at a tech startup is usually very open and laid back as opposed to scores of people with their heads down, slaving away at a computer typical of a larger company.

My responsibilities were two-fold: sales and marketing. The sales aspect of the internship was the hardest as it required stepping out of my comfort zone, calling people who generally weren’t expecting to hear from me, and as a result didn’t end up talking for long. However, the few prospects I was able to reach, pitch, and convert into a lead made the disproportionately more numerous unanswered and rejected calls worthwhile.

On the other hand, my marketing efforts were focused on creating content for the company blog. Again, I was given the freedom to source articles and ideas that I found interesting and was given the liberty to write at my own pace – which usually ended up being a blog every other day. I was able to choose when to blog and when to make calls so long as I was hitting a high enough volume at the end of the week.

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