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Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Joe Moody

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Legislative Intern
Student: Philosophy Sophomore

If you are looking for an internship nearby which is inclusive of the legislative agenda, the Texas State Capitol is an obvious choice. It is a competitive place even for interns and students since you are competing with others throughout Texas, not only students of the Forty Acres. Do not let that discourage you.

Interning at the State Capitol is a sharpening experience the people or office you intern with already know you are not the sharpest tool out there but when they see an ambitious attitude they are willing to find it a home. My personal experience with this internship has included a lot of self-discovery and realization. It is the first time I have been in legislative work so the “newness” of this sprung up questions of my personal career goals. Aside self-awareness this internship has helped me better my general clerical skills, networking approaches, and knowing how to balance school and work.

That last point is very important; the Capitol is a vast pool of knowledge and action. It is important to know of constant changes but it can easily become overwhelming. Different interns have different approaches on how they will manage between school and the internship season. I know of people who set aside a semester of school throughout session dates, especially those who attend universities outside of the city. Some take online or extension classes. Others have the opportunity to join programs which offer stipends in addition to course credit. Personally, I am lucky to have the Texas Capitol as our school’s front yard; I simply walk between my internship site and class. This has given me the opportunity to explore the building before heading to class. It is very easy to lose ones way at the capitol but with exploring frequently, it is easy to learn.

It is important not to be overwhelmed nor overly shy. In a sea full of faces it feels great seeing a familiar one. Learn how to make friends in a conservative manner and also be ready to extend help to others and you will make great and worthy connections during your internship at the beautiful Texas State Capitol. 

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