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Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Joe Straus

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Legislative Intern
Student: International Relations and Global Studies Senior

I am a Legislative Intern in the executive office of Speaker Joe Straus. I have worked for the Texas House of Representatives for two academic years. One year for a State Representative, one semester in the administration office of the Speaker and the past semester in the executive office of the Speaker for the 83rd Legislative Session. In the executive office I work daily with the Speaker's staff, constituents, lobbyists, and members of the House and Senate. Primarily, I manage the Speaker's relations with these people who call or visit the office. I assist his Executive Assistant in the Speaker's scheduling and handling of his correspondence. Tasks often include making phone calls on behalf of the Speaker and organizing meetings, speaking events, and RSVP'ing or declining invitations. I correspond with other staff members on his behalf as well in managing administration duties. In addition, I assist the Speaker's Policy Advisors in monitoring the House Committee on Special Purpose Districts. I attend the committee hearings and take notes on how the bills are being received by the members of the committee, if the bill gets moved out of committee, and on the testimonies that take place. Afterwards I meet with the Policy Advisor I assist, brief him on the hearing and then submit my notes to the Legislative Management System. For my committee I attend weekly seminars where I listen to land developers and attorneys primarily speak about the purpose of Special Purpose Districts while learning about how their creation impacts constituents and legislators. Furthermore, I spend a lot of time watching the bill debates on the House Floor, observing other committee hearings, and attending legislative networking events. The internship, particularly during the legislative session, is a great opportunity to broaden your understanding of the legislative process, meet many professionals across all spectrums of the legislature, and widen your professional skill set.

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