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Texas House of Representatives, Rep. John V. Garza

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Legislative Intern
Student: Spanish Junior

For my internship this semester, I worked in the Texas State Capitol in the office of Representative John V. Garza. As in intern at the office, I worked primarily in the media department, but I also did legislative work just to gain experience in that department as well. Within the media department, I would translate press releases and other media projects to help reach out to more constituents. This was a big responsibility because they were documents that went out to the pubic, so I had no room for error. Although the pressure was scary, it turned out to give me great satisfaction after I completed the project and know I did a good job.

Along with the media projects I translated from English to Spanish, I also did legislative work to help alleviate the workload of my co-workers. I would work with constituents via email, or phone, and try to help solve their problems in any way I could help them. Working with constituents is also gratifying when you can help deal with issues that involve our districts policies. Whenever I was not helping constituents, I would do other legislative projects such as HRO reports, which are political perspective reports that speak about recent political issues. I would summarize the issues so that Representative John Garza could get a prompt report on important issues.

These projects are what I did in a typical day. I was given other important projects here and there, but these are the main things my internship consisted of. I had a wonderful time at the Capitol and would recommend and internship in the Capitol to any student.

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